The Coming, Preventable Storm

(I originally posted this in February of this year, on Facebook. No comments or replies followed. It’s almost like no one cares if it actually happens…)

     It’s coming. I can feel it in my bones, I can scent it on the air. The psychological graffiti is all over the walls. Something is going to happen this year, and it’s not going to be pretty. Keep in mind that the 10th anniversary of 9-11 is this year, and we all know how big on date and anniversary significance the extremists are. I’d put good money on them doing something VERY heinous this year.

      Ill will is all over the place. All you have to do is look at the front page of your newspaper, watch the 10 or 11 o’clock news or log into FoxNews or CNN on the web. Anyone can see that there’s blood on the waters, and the sharks are circling in ever greater numbers. From Egypt to Tunisia, from here in the U.S. to every other point on the globe, someone is seriously fu&^ing with someone. Agitation is the “soup du jour” that everyone is being treated to a bowlful of these days.

     Just short of ten years ago, we had one of our darkest days. In the hours and days that followed, the whole WORLD, save for a few morons in the middle east, pulled together. We had the good will of the global community. Our country stood united in both its anguish, and its resolve. Neighbors were helping neighbors again. People were talking instead of arguing. For just a few minutes there, we WERE the UNITED States of America.

     Now ten years later, we have a president without much of a clue, we have a crappy economy in full recession, moms and dads murdering their kids for back-talking or mispronouncing words, young adults taking shots at politicians, more selfishness than there ever was before 9-11, and a world that’s being Fed-Ex’ed to hell in a rusty handcart. NO ONE learned from tragedy. No lessons were taken away from it. All we did was get meaner.

     This storm WILL happen, folks. Anyone who simply won’t or can’t see the signs is just willfully ignorant. Ignorance will NOT be bliss. The worst part about this is that it could have been prevented. If we could have worked through our differences, been a bit more mature and started caring more about our world and what really matters than who wins the next fracking American Idol, maybe we’d be in a better place right now. But no, that didn’t happen, and the world will continue spinning out of control. When the stormfront hits it will take everyone by surprise, and that’s the saddest part. We will look up to the sky and ask God “WHY!?”, because we’re too dumbed down to realize that we did it to ourselves.


18 comments on “The Coming, Preventable Storm

  1. Jacob W. Morphew says:

    As true as that is, it may still leave a mark on the psyche of Americans. And unless following administrations do everything in their power to help change that, I fear that it may only get worse.

  2. Jacob W. Morphew says:

    OK. Fair enough. An example of my statement can be seen in the infamous “Obama-care.” There have been appeals time and again since its passing, and despite these efforts, the current administration refuses to to take it down. Its obvious that the majority do not want this, and yet government is trying to, for a lack of better explanation, “shove it down our throats.” As a result of this, it can be theorized that this is going to lead many to see their government as failing to meet out our wishes and expectations. And as a result of that, people are going to get angry enough to possibly see their end met through more unsavory means.

    • truelibertarian says:

      A democracy is incapable of meeting everyone’s perceived needs. And democracy isn’t always best. I think the healthcare bill is awful, but part of it was ruled unconstitutional and the next president will not renew it.

  3. Jacob W. Morphew says:

    Why exactly do you disagree?

    • truelibertarian says:

      You’re making an incredibly general prediction based off nothing more than your current feeling, which I suspect is caused by the current economic issues, which lead to social issues (basic economics). It’s like ignosticism: make a prediction with an actual premise rather than incredible general statements and your point may have more validity. As it is, you’re throwing darts, but you don’t even have a dartboard.

  4. Jacob W. Morphew says:

    May I ask why?

  5. Jacob W. Morphew says:

    It is mainly in reference to our current system of government. If nothing is done about it now, while there is still a chance for the will of the people to be heard without violence, then the people of the US will most like have to resort to the more destructive alternative.

  6. Jacob W. Morphew says:

    Under normal pretenses, I would agree. To simply make people aware of the problem will eventually lead people to come up with a solution to said problem. However, in the current state of things, simply being aware of the issues wont be enough to come up with a solution. For problems of this type, there is usually a window of time that is available to fix it properly (as to what is deemed proper is left up to interpretation). Overall, that window is hastily closing, making any solution that would have worked while open next to, if completely, impossible to put into practice effectively. As a result, more complicated and less subtle solutions are needed to fix a problem that would have otherwise been fixed more simply early on.

    As to your other statement, I take no offense.

    • truelibertarian says:

      Then what specific issue are you referencing? People people banding together would’ve had no discernable effect on 9/11, nor will it have any discernable effect on the next major terror attack.

      If it’s the economy, then there really is no window such as the one you’re referencing. If you’re referring to social issues, again, no window.

  7. truelibertarian says:

    Time and awareness bring change. Protesting and all that is nice, but often counter-intuitive. Awareness is more important than anything else, because dogmatic people don’t respond well to protestation et al. Awareness leads to more awareness which leads to more activity and less opposition.

    And I don’t mean this in an offensive manner, but your personal experience doesn’t mean anything at all. The way you perceive your acquaintances (even if you’re right that they do not give any attention to important issues that do not directly affect them, which is a difficult proposition) doesn’t have any bearing on the population as a whole.

  8. Jacob W. Morphew says:

    Unfortunately, the majority of people in the US have grown selfish and narrow-minded. They seek only to fill their own coffers and achieve out own desires at the expense of others. If it doesn’t effect them on a scale that would disrupt their lives immensely, they will not care. In order to make anyone care, it has to hurt to the point where outrage doesn’t even begin to describe how they feel. The only way your going to get anything out of the majority is if they are so offended they get violent. Its a sad truth really… either you get this lethargy we have now, or you end up with violent masses storming the streets in anarchy…

    • truelibertarian says:

      Grown? No. People have always been selfish and narrow minded. In fact, people are less narrow-minded than ever before. Your entire point relies upon the assumption that people don’t actually strive for anything that won’t disrupt their lives, an assumption that’s clearly wrong.

      See, people have priorities. An issue they don’t find to be that important doesn’t merit (and doesn’t receive) as much attention as another issue. People have a limited attention span.

      So either you have lethargy, social awareness, or riots. We have social awareness.

      • Jacob W. Morphew says:

        Well, as much as social awareness is a good thing, it means nothing without action. To be aware of your situation isn’t the same as being active in it. And that is what I have personally seen with people today ( as much as I would like to see its inverse). Unless they are forced to action by something that effects their lives directly and dramatically, more often than not, the situation will not get the kind of attention it will need to be rectified.

  9. truelibertarian says:

    Eh. I don’t know. The issue with saying there will be another, worse terror attack on 9/11/11 is that there’s a pretty decent chance it will be stopped. Not because our intelligence services are so superb that nothing could break through, but because a plan like that would require a lot of coordination and planning. So much so that a large quantity of people would be involved. And in a plan like that, either something will go wrong, or it will be discovered (if it hasn’t been already).

    Also, we’ve always been selfish. 9/11’s internal unity occurred because in times of war, the people band together. That’s one of the bases, and justifications, of fascism. It wasn’t an illusion or anything, because it actually happened, but it was based upon an illusion.

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