The Birther Debate: Some Musings

Michelle Bachmann and Orly Taitz

Michelle Bachmann poses with Birther Orly Taitz. Birds of a feather?

     This birther movement (bowel movement is more like it, they can’t keep their <insert appropriate scatological term here> straight!) is really starting to get on my nerves! People can’t think and reason for themselves, they have to parrot the claims and conspiracy theories of people like Orly Taitz who, despite NUMEROUS court rulings against her and even fines levied, still files ridiculous litigation in the vain hopes of proving Barack Obama as a supposed fraud. The only thing that she’s doing is wasting taxpayer dollars and court time with these stupid antics.

     But I digress. Let’s examine and parse the birther debate, piece by little piece…

  • First: Barack Hussein Obama was BORN. We can all agree on that, can’t we?
  • Second: he was born on or about August 4th, 1961. Okay, most will agree that he’s about the right age for this to fit. (From here it starts to get interesting!)
  • Third: He was born in Honolulu, Hawai’i. The birthers debate this. This is the crux of their argument that he’s not eligible to be president. Also, here’s the first problem area for birthers. Some claim he was born in Indonesia, others claim he was born in Kenya. Some including freakie-deakie Orly Taitz, cite a birth certificate showing his name, saying that he was born in Kenya. This birth certificate has been DEBUNKED. (See this Snopes article  for the plain truth of the matter!)
  • Fourth:  Most birthers have spent YEARS of effort petitioning and otherwise hounding the state of Hawai’i for the “original long-form” birth certificate from the hospital. They’re NEVER GONNA SEE IT. The reason for this is a simple one; it contains private info that is not otherwise listed on the abbreviated, state-authorized copy found HERE
  • Fifth: SOME birthers have made the audacious claim that, since Obama was born in Hawai’i, he’s not a natural-born citizen, completely discounting Hawai’i’s statehood. Simply IGNORANT. Hawai’i became the 50th state in the union on August 21st, 1959, a whole two years before Barack Hussein Obama was born. (See this Wikipedia article on Hawaii.)
  • Sixth: Most birthers completely ignore the fact that there were TWO local publications in Honolulu in 1961 that printed the announcement of Obama’s birth. A link to one can be found here.
  • Seventh: NOW, the birthers’ “Don Quixote”, the ever-bothersome Orly Taitz, has come up with a completely NEW angle to this whole mess! Seems she’s now challenging the validity of Obama’s SSN! She’s even filed a FOIA request to the Social Security Administration, to look into his SSN records. Some of the claims in this new set of shenanigans:

                > Obama’s name is tied to no less than 39 different SSNs in several databases. Okay, PROVE IT! What databases? Where? Show us the money, Jerry! OR, could it be the way you’re SEARCHING? Could there be no less than 39 different people with a name similar to Barack (Barrack, Barak, Barry) Obama, each with their OWN SSN?

                > The SSN that Obama is attached to was issued out of Connecticut and NOT Hawai’i. Okay, who’s to say that the filing didn’t come from a CT address when it was filed in the mid-70’s, as the birthers assert? Might the CT address be that of a family member that Obama was visiting, or using as a “point of contact”? It’s pretty common knowledge that around the mid-70’s (1977), Obama’s mother was moving between Hawai’i and Indonesia, having met and married Indonesian student Lolo Soetoro…

               > The SSN that Obama is attached to actually belongs to a woman born in 1890. Again, PROVE IT. The original text of a Parcbench article initially claims that the SSN was ISSUED in 1890. Complete and utter BOVINE SCATOLOGY, since the Social Security program didn’t even EXIST until the FDR administration as part of the “New Deal” package of legislation, resulting from the depression-laden 1930’s.

      There’s a couple of really good, common sense articles about this that state the obvious much better than I ever could:

          Obama’s Social Security Number Likely Legit, May Reflect Underage Job 

          Obama Social Security Number Fraud Allegations Rely on Faulty Underpinnings

     Even with the overwhelming body of evidence to the contrary, the “black helicopter” types will continue to eat this birther dreck for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Rather than see the whole thing for what it is; a barrel of hokum conceived by people who are pissed off that THEIR candidate (Sarah Palin) lacked the credibility to win in 2008, they will flatly REFUSE to apply or see reason. They won’t start thinking for themselves. They’d rather have Orly Taitz proselytize them with, and spoon-feed them the Birther Gospel, even though Taitz has been vetted out in several court decisions against her on this matter as, what amounts in THIS writer’s humble opinion, to a certifiable whack job. (I MUST specify that this is my OPINION, or the (again, IMHO) whack job might come after ME in her next abuse of the litigation process!)


2 comments on “The Birther Debate: Some Musings

  1. Toni Ziolkowski says:

    And for me, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. When it comes to your blogs, I know they’re not contaminated or influenced by others. Purely your thoughts and opinions based on a compliation of facts. These records do exist somewhere, whether, original, copies, archived, transferred to microfiche and then digital. If I were president and had nothing to hide, I would have no problem showing my original birth copy. However President Obama has no legal obligation that he has to make a public display of his original birth certificate. But it would be great to put this to bed and quiet the birthers. They’ve wasted enough time, effort and money of many.

  2. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I may not like the man, I may not agree with his policies or the job he’s doing in the White House. I will NOT however, resort to lies, conspiracy and pure willful ignorance in my opposition to him. I will write the truth, openly and honestly.

    I would also invite President Obama to show ME his original state copy (the one that was typed in the 60’s!). Although he’s not my ideal leader, I would GLADLY stand by him at a press op in Honolulu, and tell the birthers that they’re full of baloney sauce!

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