American Rhetoric: The (Long Island Iced) Tea Party Patriots?

     In the process of looking over my old blogging entries from Facebook, I ran across one that I wrote in April of last year, having to do with the two weeks I spent as a member of the Armed Forces Tea Party Patriots group. Given current events in the political theater, I thought that I might re-work that blog article for this blog!

Christine O'Donnell, photo courtesy of

     Last week, TPP activist and three-time political failure Christine O’Donnell walked off the stage from a Piers Morgan interview on CNN. Evidently, she was extremely uncomfortable with the questions that Piers was asking her, perfectly VALID questions regarding comments that she’s made during her runs for office and in her new book, “Troublemaker”. Christine is a vociferous backer of current GOP candidate Michelle Bachmann, who incidentally just finished first in the Iowa Straw Poll last week. Christine is ALSO a self-avowed Tea Party Patriot.

     Now don’t get me wrong! I’ve seen plenty of bad behaviors on the lefty-liberal side of the aisle as well! A prime example of this would be the many shenanigans of former Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi. From her aspirations of having a private Air Force jet to fly her pampered arse across the country, to calling conservatives who spoke out against the Liberal agenda “unpatriotic”. Senator Barbara Boxer’s dressing down of a U.S. Army General last year also speaks poorly of the left’s attitudes toward the military. But I digress, we’re talking about the TPP…

     The following was pretty much my after-action review of the AFTPP group, and the people it was composed of at that time…


     During the past few weeks, I have spent a LOT of time in the Armed Forces Tea Party Patriots group here on Facebook. While I came away with a greater appreciation for political views, and even a few friends, I also saw some things within the TPP movement that bother me.

     Tea Party Patriots, I learned, come from all walks of life. From rich to poor, from east coast to west, these people are VERY concerned with the direction that this country is heading in under the current leadership. While that in and of its self is a good thing, I also noted that, within the TPP movement, there are several factions operating on the EXTREME right that have infiltrated the TPP, spewing conspiracy theories and fear-mongering. Here are just a few examples:

     The “Barb Adams” types: A user, one Barb Adams, would continuously post a link to a website, dedicated to freeing one 1LT Behenna. Seems that this 1LT was involved in the death-by-shooting of one Ali Mansur, a suspected Iraqi insurgent that was in 1LT Behenna’s custody and unarmed at the time he was shot and killed. While 1LT Behenna maintains that Mr. Mansur attacked him and that he acted in self defense, I brought to Barb’s attention that 1LT Behenna is (was) a U.S. Army RANGER, which means that he has been through RIP and Ranger School training, and would have assuredly had other, “less-than-lethal” means of subduing a prisoner in his control. From what I gather, the U.S. Army agrees with me, because they sentenced him to 25 years. I mentioned this to Barb, and her response was, and this is a DIRECT QUOTE from a message she sent to me! She writes; “John, anyone who wants to put our soldiers iin (sp) PRISON like you is NOT someone I am interested in talking to. Liberals are insane; they worry about the perpetrator’s rights instead of the victims.” WHAT!? No, I don’t WANT to put our soldiers in prison, I WANT them to do the RIGHT THING while they’re out there representing US! Does this woman think I LIKE seeing our brave men and women ending up this way? Think again, BARB! (UPDATE THOUGHT: In this situation, 1LT Behenna forced a reversal of roles for Mr. Mansur, from perpetrator to victim. Victims rights now apply.)

     On several occasions, I have made it known in the group that I am a MODERATE LIBERTARIAN, slightly left of middle on the political scale. However, I guess since I still embrace the Rule of Law, and believe that people, EVEN ENEMY COMBATANTS have certain rights while in custody, that I am a bleeding heart liberal. PSSH!

     The Birthers: There is a growing conspiracy theory that our current president, Barack Hussein Obama, is not legally entitled to hold office. The “Birthers” maintain that Obama was NOT in fact born in Honolulu, Hawaii, but was born outside of the U.S. and is therefore NOT a natural-born citizen of the U.S. Now, as with any kooky conspiracy theory, the Birthers can’t get their damned story straight. Some will tell you that the birth certificate that the Obama campaign posted on the internet is a fake, and cite other BCs as proof, ones that have already been PROVEN to be frauds, no doubt perpetrated by the Birthers themselves. Others contest that the BC posted is not an original, and want to see the “long-form” birth certificate as proof. (Which might just shut these nuts up, why not?) Lately, the birthers have been increasingly making their presence known in the AFTPP group.

     Now, this group has THREE administrators running it. The founder, one Gary Stein, is a U.S. Marine Sergeant. The other two are civilians, near as can be told. NONE of these three have made ANY attempt to curtail the shenanigans being engaged in by either the neo-cons, OR the ultra-libs that constantly enter, snipe debate then leave. In short, the group’s Wall section is starting to look like some half-hearted attempt at a Jerry Springer episode. While the few outspoken right-wing nut cases stand on their soap boxes and pontificate, the majority of members either outwardly agree, or silently acquiesce. It’s rather sickening to see that the people who are supposedly worried about liberty and “everything good that our forefathers stood for” are so quick to jump to immature conclusions, abandon the Rule of Law, and / or let idiocy run amok.

     So I left, my BS tolerance meter finally having pegged the ZERO mark. I think at this point, I’m now looking for the “change” that is NOT coming from the Obama camp, NOT the stale Republican stuff, and DEFINITELY not from the Tea Party Patriots. In my humble but WAY more informed opinion, this movement is still in its childhood, and boy does it reflect that in the overall lack of mature forethought and consideration for things. I guess what I’d like to see is a NEW Tea Party movement, comprised of people that are a bit more level-headed in their approach to things like state and geo-politics. While the current incarnation of TPP is just “shooting from the hip”, the NEW TPP would know WHEN to shoot and when to just holster, how to take careful aim at each issue, and what ammo is called for.

“I KNOW ye can fight, but it’s our WITS that make us men!” (from “Braveheart”)

7 comments on “American Rhetoric: The (Long Island Iced) Tea Party Patriots?

  1. David Mercer says:

    Although we don’t see exactly eye to eye on everythig John, I agree with of what you’ve written here. I guess you can call me an ultra liberal on most things. But what you’re saying above is true for all sides of the political spectrum. The media will always go for the freak show to put in their circus they call the news.

  2. Honestly, I don’t think that’s always the case in the TPP camp. Sure you have an over-abundance of neo-conservative hate-mongers in the TPP, however I think that there are those such as myself, that look to “the Hill” and see nothing but corruption and inaction, and are looking for a viable alternative. As I stated in my blog, I have seen plenty of examples of plain “bone-headedness” on the part of Democrats as well as Republicans. Something needs to give somewhere…

    I maintain my advocacy for a “NEW TPP”, one founded on reason and well-informed descision-making processes. One that abandons the vitriol, in favor of healthy, open and constructive means of debating the many issues we now face as a nation.

    • truelibertarian says:

      You’re not a Tea Partier, you’re a conservative. Here’s some science: TPP=Republicans+hate+anger-knowledge. And many of them are extremists.

      • Actually, I’m kind of “left-of-center” on some things. For instance: Roe v. Wade – I support the woman’s right to choose. Marriage Equality – I support it. Gun Controls – I am Pro NRA. The military – I am Pro. (Whooda thunk, being ex-Army!)

        The difference is that I try to take the reasoned approach. I try looking at issues like soccer balls. If you look at a soccer ball, it has all those sections marked off. Take all the different aspects of any given issue, pro and con, and put each aspect in one section of the soccer ball. Then, turn it around and over in your hands, seeing all the different sections. THEN go forward, having weighed all the aspects in the balance.

        Then there are some things that are just so morally wrong and unconscionable that they stick out like a sore thumb, like TTUAC…things you just gotta call out, in any way possible.

  3. truelibertarian says:

    It’s a movement fueled by fear and hate. It’s abhorrent.

  4. I just happened to think, there is a bit of related news to this:

    When refusing to answer Piers Morgan’s questions during the interview, Christine O’Donnell stated; “I’m not a politician.” OH? Then what ARE you, Ms. O’Donnell? Let’s look at your activities first:

    * You’ve run for office in Delaware THREE times. (And LOST three times.)
    * You’re a Tea Party Patriot political activist.
    * You’re stumping for GOP presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann.

    Now, let’s look at a few definitions:

    * Wikipedia defines a “politician” as: “A politician or political leader (from Greek “polis”) is an individual who is involved in influencing public policy and decision making. This includes people who hold decision-making positions in government, and people who seek those positions, whether by means of election, coup d’état, appointment, electoral fraud, conquest, right of inheritance (see also: divine right) or other means.”
    * Merriam-Webster defines “politician”: ” a person experienced in the art or science of government; especially : one actively engaged in conducting the business of a government.”

    I would say that Christine O’Donnell meets the definition of a politician. Should we chalk this one up to typical Tea Party fringe behavior? What’s bass-ackwards about this is someone who is claiming NOT to be something they evidently are, or are at least TRYING to be. You can’t convince me that, if Michelle Bachmann DOES make it into the White House in 2012, that she wouldn’t feel at least a little compelled to reward her good friend from Delaware for all that hard work and support with maybe….a cabinet position, an advisor’s position or some other internal place in D.C.!

    Give up the facade, Christine. You’re a POLITICIAN!

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