Parenting, and Letting Go

     Normally, I sit here at my keyboard, looking at these monitors and typing out my opinions on news topics. I opine about the things I read on such sites as Fox News and CNN. This morning however, I find myself faced with something of a much more personal nature, and I feel compelled to air some of my thought processes here on my blog. Why, I really don’t know. Maybe to enable some sort of catharsis, maybe in search of some hidden epiphany. Whatever the motivating factors, it should be a good read; heaven knows it’s a difficult write!

     I have three kids. Two of them, my young sons, are grown men already. My oldest is twenty-three years of age, and lives with his wife back east. My younger son will be twenty-one in November and still lives at home. Then there’s our daughter. At seven years old, she is the “princess” in the house. But, I digress…

     Right now, my younger son is having a “relationship issue” of sorts. To put it plainly, the girl to whom he is engaged has been divesting herself from the relationship. My son, being the type of person that loves with his whole heart, doesn’t want to see the indicators that are in front of him. We’ve been through this before with him, about two years ago. That one was a mess, which took him almost three whole months to recover from physically, even longer emotionally. Now, I see the same things happening again. I see the same pattern of lies and the same “primrose path” statements from the young lady (I restrain myself from referring to her in a much more disparaging fashion!), the same “ostrich” behavior from my son.

     The last time this happened, I nearly lost him. At one point, he even told me that he didn’t want me in his life anymore. Well, we got past that, and when he started dating again, I advised him not to lose his head over a woman. He assured me he wouldn’t, yet here we are again.

     What to do, what to do. Or, do I even do anything? How do I sit here and watch this spiral again, knowing the toll it took on him last time? I guess the thing that hurts the most is watching him go through this emotional rollercoaster, with sharp turns that hurt and bruise his psyche, while at the same time not wanting to intrude to deeply into what otherwise is his situation to deal with.

     This kind of thing is easier when they’re young. That’s for darned sure.


2 comments on “Parenting, and Letting Go

  1. truelibertarian says:

    You can lead an ass to water, but you can’t make him take a bath.

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