Going Broke, and Bending Over

     Every time I open a connection to Fox News, CNN, BBC or Deutsch Welle, I’m seeing new revelations of our federal government’s fiscal and managerial ineptitude. Today, information released from a Treasury Inspector General audit shows that undocumented workers pocketed over 4.2B dollars in Additional Child Tax Credit payouts from the IRS last year. Let me state that figure again: FOUR POINT TWO BILLION DOLLARS paid out to people without Social Security numbers, who are not entitled to work in the United States. The way the IRS gets around this is to assign each filer what is referred to as an “Individual Taxpayer Identification Number” so they can file returns. Keep in mind that most of these people do not PAY taxes, and send most of their money back to their country of origin.

     What peeves me off about this is that for over 20 years, I have had to play by the rules. I had to get a work permit when I was 16, I had to file tax documents with every place that I’ve worked, I’ve had to file honest tax returns every year that I’ve worked. Yet I and over a million other honest taxpaying citizens of this country are shouldering the burden and giving away BILLIONS of dollars to people who are not even citizens! People who trespassed in order to be here. People who are directly contributing to the debt issues we’ve recently been debating in Washington!

     Washington however, does not seem to give two Esses and an Eff. They’re the ones that put this flawed system in place.

     Additionally, the ATF has allowed over two thousand firearms to be transported south, into the hands of one of our greatest enemies: the drug cartels. Operation Fast and Furious was an incredibly botched sting operation run by our government. So far, only 600 of the firearms have been recovered.

     I get the feeling that every single day, more and more of us are looking east (or south or north, depending on where you are) towards D.C. with our shoulders shrugging and arms out, wondering “OMG, WTF PEOPLE!?”


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