Navigating Stranger Tides: News Recap

     Back when I was a young adult, and for sometime prior to that, the world made sense. I remember a time when Coke was a soft drink, “sick” meant that you needed to go to the doctor, and “hoe” was something that your mom wanted you to take to the soil in the garden or yard. I remember when we used to bust the drug dealers and take away their weapons, when people used to bob for apples and you had to be careful, because snakes bit people.

     Now the world seems like it’s turned bass-ackwards. Our government is giving weapons to the drug cartels;

     …we’ve got Apple bobbing for iPhones;

     …and people biting snakes!

     In what seems like a mere blink of an eye in the grand scheme of things, the tides have turned. The trick of existing in today’s weirdness is knowing how to navigate these stranger tides. If you don’t, you’ll get dashed against the rocks of what is questionably referred to these days as “progress”…


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