Worms In The Apple?


Apple Headquarters

    Lately, it seems that tech giant Apple can’t keep ahold of its prototype iPhones. Preceding the last major iPhone release, one of their prototypes got left behind at a bar. Well, the fruits are at it again: another prototype, lost at another bar. (Might I suggest that Apple research techs stop frequenting the local watering holes?)

     Apple has been growing. Since the days of the Apple IIe, IIc and Macintosh, they’ve been on a roll. The iPod, the iPhone, the iPad…innovation keeps coming off the assembly line at One Infinite Loop. The only problem is, Apple seems to now think it has police power as well! With the loss of this latest iPhone prototype, there have been Apple “agents” going into private homes, and conducting warrantless searches. Some of these “visitations” have even been accompanied by local PD…

     What gives Steve Jobs and the “GhestApple” (yes, I know. Steve just stepped down.) the right to go rifling through someone’s home without a warrant? Fox News reports that these “agents” are even masquerading as police officers. If I’m not mistaken, that in and of itself is illegal!

     It’s not enough that Apple insists on charging exhorbitant prices for its products and services. Now they want to get into the home in a completely new way? So what do we call this latest episode in Fruitville? Apple is Bobbing For iPhones? The whole thing stinks like rotting fruit!

     Oh, but don’t take my word for it, by all means be as informed as possible before giving your hard-earned recession economy dollars to companies like Apple. For further reading, please see the following articles:

Police Assisted Apple in Search of Man’s Home (CNN)

San Francisco Police Help Search For Lost iPhone (Fox News)

California Man Claims Home Was Searched for Prototype iPhone by People Impersonating Officers (FoxNews)


6 comments on “Worms In The Apple?

  1. truelibertarian says:

    “Just because Apple’s stock is on the rise does not mean that the world disagrees.” Actually, that’s exactly what it means. Stock isn’t actually based on performance, it’s based on perception of performance. If a company does something stupid, like sponsor someone society hates, its stock value lowers because people look at the company in a worse way.

    But that comment was more directed at her saying Apple isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

    And if the reports can be confirmed, I’d agree that what they’re doing is wrong. But two prototypes lost? I don’t think that’s a coincidence. For a company that’s as successfully secretive as Apple is, it doesn’t make sense that they would allow someone who would lose the prototype to have the prototype.

  2. Just added another link to the story, Fox News write-up on the SFPD assist…

    I still think Apple is screwing the pooch on this. They screwed up losing the darned thing in the first place, now they’re screwing up playing this whole search thing out fast and loose. Damn Apple. I hope they get nailed for this.

  3. This should be a wake-up call for everyone: behold the power and influence that is the Plutocracy.

  4. Queen Vicki says:

    Haha, I always knew there were a lot of “bad Apples” out there! Sorry, I had to make a joke there. In all seriousness, I think that Apple thinks that they’re big enough to do whatever they want. I think that AT&T has had a bad influence on them (“Pft, we can create a monopoly because we say so!”). Thankfully, for those who are Microsoft haters or just Windows haters, there’s another up & coming operating system: Android. Asus has an amazing laptop/datapad/tablet/thing that is completely powered by Android.
    Another thing I’d like to point out is their so-called “innovation”. Everytime Apple comes out with something, Microsoft comes out with an equivalent. However, there’s one thing Apple doesn’t have: a gaming console. Until they come out with one of those, they’ll always be second-best. This IS of course considering that from both you can buy MP3 players, desktop computers, datapads (okay, you buy your Windows-run comps and pads from PC makers, but it counts), tablets, notebooks, netbooks, laptops, all-in-one monitor computers, and phones, but you can only buy a gaming console from one of them. Therefore, Microsoft has a market for just about everything tech. Apple is still missing a huge component of that.
    With that point made, I don’t get why they’re fussing over an iPhone prototype. If it were something completely new from them (like a gaming console or a computer that has a holographic monitor), then I’d understand them freaking out, but impersonating police officers and conducting illegal searches? That’s just wrong in general. I also believe that every officer that assisted in those home invasions should have their badges taken away, as it is their duty to uphold the law, not help break it. Dearest Stevie and all of Apple, you can stick all of this lovely word-weed into your apple pipe and smoke it…and cough up your lungs while you’re at it. 🙂

    • truelibertarian says:

      Apparently the world disagrees, because Apple is one of the best companies out there now. Microsoft may come out with equivalents, but they aren’t as smart about it, and the products either aren’t as good or aren’t as enjoyable to use. Apple’s chief innovations are the cross-utilization of multiple areas of technology, the absolutely BRILLIANT marketing, the flawless product design, the peerless integration of all their products with each other, and the user friendly devices. Hate them if you like, but respect them for that, if nothing else.

      And I wouldn’t be shocked if this is a marketing gimmick. Drumming up excitement for the release is something Apple always does, and this method is better than most.

      • Just because Apple’s stock is on the rise does not mean that the world disagrees. I know a few people that are highly peeved with Apple right now, especially because they are pulling this stuff.

        Now, I will admit that they have some fantastic products, I own and swear by my 80gb iPod Classic. The point is that wrong is wrong, and going into someone’s home and rifling through their personal property without a warrant is wrong. (and illegal!)

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