Parents Television Council: The PMRC of The New Millennium?

Skins BBC advert

The cast of Skins: the controversial BBC series

     Earlier this year, I was tracking the efforts of the Parents Television Council to get advertisers to pull their ads from the new MTV show “Skins”. It seems the PTC objected to the content of the series, calling it “child pornography”. A number of advertisers, including H&R Block, GM, Subway and Wrigleys subsequently removed their advertising support for “Skins” at the behest of the PTC and other “watchdog” groups.

     Now, I’ve been doing some research on this PTC, mostly to see if this is something that I would want to, or should be getting behind support-wise. The more I read on the PTC’s website, the more plain it becomes that these guys are yet another ultra-conservative organization that would LOVE to see television “sanitized” for what they perceive as the benefit of society. This reminds me of the late 80’s and the Parents Music Resource Center, the senate hearings, Frank Zappa and Dee Snider testifying, talk of censorship, Tipper Gore and the “Caution” labels on records and cassettes….

     The PTC would have us believe that as parents, we don’t have the proper training or mental equipment to be able to explain to our children the concepts surrounding things they see or hear on television. To them, words like “douche”, “ass”, “damn” and “crap” are oh so bad swear words that ought not be on the lips of our children. (No accounting for the fact that “damn” and “ass” are in the bibles they are so fond of bandying about, and “douche” is sold in every corner drugstore and most grocery stores!) The funny thought I had was, if you wanted to give a PTC member a myocardial infarction, play George Carlin’s “Incomplete List of Impolite Words” in front of him or her, and enjoy the show as they break out in a bona-fide coniption fit!

      In my opinion, the PTC does NOT deserve my support, because they have no faith in my ability to effectively parent. And I DO, folks! My daughter won’t even repeat the lyrics to AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell”, she says “bell” instead, and that’s by HER choice! (I told her she could, to which she replied to me, “that’s okay daddy, I like bell better.”) See folks, it all comes down to good parenting. If more of us would do our jobs and RAISE our kids rather than just plopping them down in front of the “glass god” and letting the boob tube become the babysitter, we wouldn’t NEED the stupidity and piousness of groups like the PTC and PMRC. If we would ENGAGE our children, taking the time to explain the workings of the world in which they live, maybe we wouldn’t have as many problems with teen pregnancy, gangs, drug use, teen suicide, etcetera.

4 comments on “Parents Television Council: The PMRC of The New Millennium?

  1. truelibertarian says:

    Censorship is bullshit. It’s simply people trying to control other people’s lives and force their lifestyle upon others.

    • While I agree with you enough to not redact your expletive (sometimes ya just gotta make a point!), I also think that there has to be a certain measure of accountability for the things one says…

      For instance, you are perfectly within your rights to walk into a crowded theater and scream “fire!” This is called Freedom of Speech. What one has to understand though is that there are repercussions for doing so, especially if someone or a number of someones get hurt or killed in the ensuing pandemonium, and there was no fire to begin with.

  2. Taking a personal “headcount”, so far I’ve managed to pick apart the “Religious Right”, Fundamental Christians, select LDS missionaries, No Greater Joy Ministries, Fred Phelps and Westboro, and other pastors and reverends…by all accounts, pretty soon I’m going to end up damned and reviled by every mainstream and fringe denomination / church in America!

    Rest assured my fine young readers, I’m not going to end up like Richard Nixon, keeping a list of my enemies. I don’t see these people as such. I see them as wrong-headed individuals and groups that need to “get with the program”, and simply pull their craniums out of their fourth points of contact.

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