American Rhetoric: Spreading The Love

Former Senator Rick Santorum (R. PA)

Well, scratch another GOP candidate from my list for serious consideration in the 2012 primaries. Former Senator Rick Santorum (R, PA) has been “rickrolled” by the LGBT community and its supporters on the internet in a very big, very crass and very public manner it seems, and Mr. Santorum is not at all happy about it. In fact, he has contacted internet search provider Google (NASDAQ: GOOG), in a vain and misguided attempt to get the afore-mentioned provider to censor the search results that come up when one “googles” his name. Google has responded, stating that Mr. Santorum needs to contact the webmaster of the offending site directly. There’s only one tiny, little problem with that…

Back in 2003, Rick Santorum gave an interview to the Associated Press. During this interview, he compared homosexuality to pedophilia and bestiality. The following excerpt is from the interview in 2003:

     “In every society, the definition of marriage has not ever to my knowledge included homosexuality. That’s not to pick on homosexuality. It’s not, you know, man on child, man on dog, or whatever the case may be.”

Immediately following the release of this interview, the LGBT community sprang into action. Dan Savage, sex columnist and gay rights activist, started a website that encouraged visitors to come up with an alternative definition for the word “Santorum”, and to promote the winning entry. Well my fine young readers, eight years later and the product from that campaign now comes up as the number one result when you google the name. (I’m not going to list the definition here on the blog, as I’d rather keep this at least a “PG-13” rated show! Instead, I submit this link to the resulting website. Click at your own visual peril…)

My take on this is two-fold; first, if Mr. Santorum can’t stand the heat, then he should stay the frip out of the kitchen. I have to wonder if he was paying attention way back when his parents told him that there were consequenses for the things he said and did. Second, and this is the clincher, if Rick Santorum is successful in this bid to censor internet content, what might he propose to do along those same lines if he succeeds in a presidential bid?

No. This man is trying to force damage control for a slip of the lip he made eight years ago by censoring the internet. In the words of one of my favorite websites, Fail Blog; “GOP candidate EPIC FAIL!”

(See this CNN article for further information on the story.)


Another in a series of articles, fit to be tucked inside your “Gay Agenda.”


One comment on “American Rhetoric: Spreading The Love

  1. Hey hey! As of today, “Spreading Santorum” is no longer the top result of a Google search, having been overtaken by Mr. Santorum’s own campaign site…

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