Wardrobe Malfunctions: By The Grace of Nancy!

Nancy Grace's "Northern Exposure" (image censored)

     I saw this item in the news this morning, and I just couldn’t resist! See, I woke up with a raging cold virus today. Oh yeah. Sinus issues, cough, temperature, the whole smash. I really needed something to make me feel better, or just take my mind off of the misery…YES! The news media delivers a small gem (well, actually a fair-sized gem by the looks of it, and yes that is a double entendre!) in the way of a wardrobe malfunction on last night’s “Dancing With The Stars.”

     Now fault me if you will, but I’ve always found Nancy Grace attractive. No, that low septum, high nostril thing she has going on isn’t severe enough to not be cute, and she has some very nice assets for a “rubenesque” woman. I was not however, planning on getting “winked” at, nor were several million other viewers I imagine!

     One would think that a woman would instinctively know that there’s a likelihood of “slipping the nipple” in a certain outfit. I’ve been married for over twenty years now, and I can tell you that a true “lady” knows what kinds of tops and dresses she can get away with wearing under certain conditions. Nancy Grace was doing more than a fair amount of “bouncing” on the dance floor last night, and even I as a guy could already tell looking at that dress that…

Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake, in an infamous "oops" moment.

     Ever since the infamous Janet Jackson Superbowl XXXVIII (ai yai yai!) Half-time Show incident in 2004, the term “wardrobe malfunction” has been an amusing part of the television-related lexicon. Since then, we’ve been treated to (or incensed by, pick your position!) these images of such notables as Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus and others. In at least some of these cases, one has to wonder if this fashion faux pas wasn’t on purpose, just to get higher ratings or more publicity. Either way, I have to wonder just what it says for media, and society as a whole that the number of these incidents is on the rise. (UPDATE) Meanwhile, Nancy Grace denies the whole thing, saying that what we saw were “pasties.” Yeah, right…


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