Cybercounsel: A Ghost of a Chance

Symantec's "Norton Ghost"

     I don’t usually use my blog to plug products or services, because I don’t want to run afoul of the WordPress terms of service, nor do I want to have to answer for something that goes wrong with someone else’s product. In this rare case however, I’m going to make a recommendation. Do with it what you will, the following is again, my personal experience and opinion.

     Those of us that have ever gotten viruses on our machines, know what it’s like to have to re-format and re-install all of our additional programs. Windows does not come with Adobe Reader, Flash or Shockwave Player, Winamp or any of the plethora of programs out on the web that we use. In addition, there are the occasional updates that need to be downloaded and installed, and when we have to re-format, all this has to be done over again. BUT! My fine young readers, I have found a solution! It’s called Norton (or Symantec, depending on the version!) Ghost!

     The idea is simple: you set up your computer with all the software and add-ons that you need, accomplish all the updating, and then use Ghost to create an image of your machine in that exact state. That way, should you encounter maliciousness on the internet that attacks your machine, you simply boot from the ghost image disc(s) and re-load! No more reverting back to the VERY beginning and having to re-build it all.

One comment on “Cybercounsel: A Ghost of a Chance

  1. wtfjolokia5150 says:

    John, that’s very useful and helpful info. Thanks, Mark Patchell

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