LGBT Issues: The Underpinnings of Support

Applicability is subjective?

     I start this post troubled. You see, for the past few weeks I have divided my Facebook time between two pages: the Support Viki Knox page, and the Fire Viki Knox page. What I have been engaged in on these pages may come as a surprise to some, and to others will be simply an extension of the ideas that I have already posited here. Simply put, I have been advocating for LGBT tolerance, anti-bullying and equal freedoms. Yes, you might say I’ve become somewhat of a cyber-activist. In the process of all of this activism and cross-banter, I’ve come to a few realizations.

     Most of the people that are posting messages in support of Viki Knox are doing so from a Fundamental Christian point of view; when engaged in debate by the LGBT community, the majority of their entries start to resemble something more along the lines of either Westboro Baptist Church or something out of the mind of Pat Robertson, both of whom have been vetted out in the media as being on the fringes of religious opinion. The Support Viki Knox page also has its share of “trolls,” people who post overly provocative commentary, simply to elicit a response. Reading back through several weeks of threads, Mrs. Knox’s supporters have posted statements ranging from simple declarations of personal faith and support, to vitriolic allegations of forced acceptance and “recruitment” by the LGBT community.

     As a result of the continued engagement of and challenges to their religiously biased posts and comments, several supporters have ensconced themselves on newly created pages that are heavily moderated, to the degree that even respectful presentation of opposing views is not permitted. One case in point is the Support NJ school teacher Viki Knox page. While displaying a “Freedom of Speech” picture in their masthead, (the very same picture you see presented here!) the only speech this page’s moderators allow is speech which reinforces their own perceptions of the LGBT community and Viki Knox. Any post expressing an opposing viewpoint or even questioning their assertions is summarily deleted, and the posting user is blocked from posting to the page.

     Now, in the interest of being fair, we also have to look at the flipside of the debate. On this side, we have the LGBT(QI) community and its supporters. Posts originating from this camp range from the reasoned and well-formulated, to outright attacks on people’s beliefs and statements. While it is understandable that this is a newly emergent minority whose voice is struggling to be heard among the din of others, I personally find the more outrageous posts and statements as being counterproductive to the debate at hand.

     At this time in our nation’s short (albeit storied) history, this is but one example of just how divided our populous actually is on key issues. From the debate over Viki Knox to the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations, the dichotomy of opinions is readily visible to any outside observer. It has been said that as a nation, “United we stand, divided we fall.” Folks, we may not have fallen yet, but we are definitely teetering.


Another article in the “Gay Agenda” series. (Pick yours up at your local stationery store today!)


One comment on “LGBT Issues: The Underpinnings of Support

  1. In addition to what I have stated above, a note of caution to the reader: the “Support NJ school teacher Viki Knox” Facebook page’s moderator(s) is / are posting a LOT of misinformation about the LGBT community, Homosexuality and those entities that defend them such as the SPLC, and governmental agencies including the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

    NONE of this misinformation is challengeable, since again any dissention is rapidly censored and the dissenter(s) blocked and banned. Please take what you may read there with a grain of salt.

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