American Rhetoric: Michele’s Maleficence

Waterboarding? Sure, why not!

     It seems like Michele Bachmann just doesn’t get it. She often reiterates her “Christianity” in interviews, but then not only stands in full support of torture, but equates it to president Harry Truman’s decision to use the atomic bomb against Japan in 1945. The following is an excerpt from a Fox News article from earlier today:

    “President Harry Truman — who had to make the horrific decision about dropping an atomic bomb on Japan to end World War II — he said if he had to kill Japanese in order to save one American life, he would, and if, as president of the United States, I believed that we would be able to save 3000 American lives, and stop aircraft from flying into the twin towers, I would utilize waterboarding if it would save those American lives.”(1)

     Hold the phone there a minute, Ms. Bachmann! The decision to drop the atomic bomb was made to save the lives of an estimated 500,000 to one million American boys, who would have otherwise been injured or died in a full-scale invasion of mainland Japan! That’s why Truman dropped the bomb. Stop being a revisionist historian!

     Poor Michele seems to also be in the dark as to the severity of waterboarding. She stated in the same interview that;

    “No one dies from the use of waterboarding. It is uncomfortable? Yes, it’s uncomfortable. But our worry should not be about the comfort level of a terrorist.”

     My, that’s very “Christian” of Ms. Bachmann. (Sarcasm definitely intended!) I’m curious as to how she can afford to be so smug about waterboarding, in direct contrast to the way that our fellow countrymen felt about it during World War II and Vietnam. In point of fact, we actually hung Japanese soldiers for waterboarding our boys. As I stated in my previous post on the matter, Arizona Senator John McCain (R. AZ) has stated the following regarding the practice of waterboarding:

     “It’s unacceptable. It’s unacceptable. One is too much. Waterboarding is torture, period. I can ensure you that once enough physical pain is inflicted on someone, they will tell that interrogator whatever they think they want to hear. And most importantly, it serves as a great propaganda tool for those who recruit people to fight against us. And I’ve seen concrete examples of that talking to former high-ranking al-Qaeda individuals in Iraq.”(2)

     It seems to me that Senator McCain would know. He was a prisoner of war for almost six years in north Vietnam. Former Minnesotta Governor Jesse Ventura, during a segment of “The View” in May of 2009 also spoke against the use of waterboarding, affirming its torturous nature and telling co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, “You give me a waterboard, Dick Cheney and one hour, and I’ll have him confessing to the Sharon Tate murders!” (Mr. Ventura has also undergone waterboarding as a part of SERE training during his service in the military.)

     The majority of the people that are downplaying the nature of waterboarding it seems, are those that have never had it done to them. I wonder, would Michele Bachmann volunteer to be waterboarded, so that she can make a more informed decision? Conservative talk show host Sean Hannity stated he would, but has not had the stones to follow through. In addition, I’m wondering why it is that the most conservative and supposedly “God-fearing” among our political elite and conservative media are the ones that are advocating torture. Once again, these are the same ones that keep telling us that, “Islam is a religion of hate.” If that’s so, then why are we predominantly torturing Muslims? One of my Facebook friends came up with a very nice term for these people; “Hypochristians.”

One comment on “American Rhetoric: Michele’s Maleficence

  1. Val Vosburg says:

    Nice blurb 🙂 Very well said

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