American Rhetoric: The (Long Island Iced) Tea Party Patriots – Part Deux

Evil behind the agenda

     Since I started this blog a few months back, I’ve always endeavoured to do something meaningful with it. From taking on parenting ignorance with the series on Michael Pearl and TTUAC, to calling attention to various attacks on our freedoms to simple conveyance of light-hearted humor, I’m trying to do my part, my level best to make this world (or at least my little corner of it) a better place for us.

     I just read something that has been making the rounds of Tea Party websites and Facebook walls in the past few months. It’s something that runs contrary to our very freedoms, and it is a stark and scary insight into the mindset behind the Tea Party movement. My fine young readers, there are those within the Tea Party movement that wish to rob Americans of their freedoms, and bring under their subjection those currently on shaky financial footing. These elements within the Tea Party are enemies of everything the U.S. constitution stands for, and there is PROOF.

     The following is the fax blast that I have personally seen circulated, along with my counterpoint arguments interspersed. Since the original publication of this article, I have also been made aware that there are (thankfully!) Tea Partiers out there who disagree with this radicalist approach. I have since done some post-editing, and am now better prepared to submit this for your perusal and consideration:


Put Me In Charge

Put me in charge of food stamps. I would ban Ding Dongs; Ho Ho’s and only allow money for staples and basics, and even then only from discount grocery stores that I approve.  If you want expensive steaks, frozen pizza, or Trader Joe’s then figure out a way to earn your own money to pay for it (hint: if you can do that then you do not need my charity, so maybe work on meeting your needs before hitting me up for wants.)

     So, what these Tea Partiers are basically saying is that those receiving food aid would no longer have the right to make their own nutrition decisions,  or nutritional decisions for their families.

Put me in charge of health care. The first thing I’d do is to require women of child-bearing age who are not medically disqualified to be on Norplant birth control implants or tubal ligations. Then, we’ll test recipients for drugs, alcohol, and nicotine and document all tattoos and piercings. If you want to reproduce or use, alcohol, smoke or get tats and piercings or get a Prop 215, then you are on your own.

     In other words, some Tea Partiers would seek to forcibly sterilise all medically-eligible women (notice that it’s always the WOMEN that get the raw end of the deal, which means that those espousing this agenda are SEXISTS and MISOGYNISTS as well!) on state medical programs. In addition, all identifying marks get inventoried. Personally, I’d like to know what getting one’s ear pierced has to do with eligibility for medical coverage. Oh also, you can’t engage in other PERFECTLY LEGAL activities, such as smoking or having that occasional beer with friends, if backers of this have their way.

Put me in charge of government housing. You will maintain our property in a clean and good state of repair. Your “home” will be subject to inspections anytime and possessions will be inventoried. If you want a plasma TV or Xbox 360, then get a job and your own place.

     Ah, so there are Tea Partiers that desire the ability to inventory people’s possessions, invade their privacy and dictate how people on programs such as Section 8 run their households.

Your transportation will be basic;  you will be housed near public transportation (so if you live in the country you will be moved) and as you progress we’ll talk about letting you buy a car,  but then only to facilitate earning a better living so that you can go off of my tab.

     People receiving monetary aid from programs such as TANF, CalWorks and SSI would no longer be allowed to own their own vehicles, according to this. Any of them that already owned vehicles would lose them, and anyone living in rural areas would be subject to forced relocation. (Getting scarier, isn’t it?)

The whole time, you will either present a check stub from a job or records of a legitimate job search each week or you will report to a “government” job… in other words, if you can’t find something to do then I will find something for you to do. It may be cleaning the roadways of trash, painting and repairing public housing, whatever we find for you.  You WILL pull your pants up, remove the tats and piercings, cut your hair, bathe, and dress and present yourself in an acceptable manner conducive to impressing a potential employer.  We will sell your 22 inch rims and low profile tires and your blasting stereo and speakers and put that money into an interest bearing escrow account that you may withdraw upon leaving the public dole.

     This jobs thing has some merits, but then goes clear off of the deep end. Removal of tattoos is a medical procedure. Also, supporters of this agenda are talking about taking away every luxury item you may have acquired before even being in a position to where you needed help. Theft, sanctioned by the state. Keep in mind that these are the same hypocrites that complain about things like “eminent domain”!

All of this would be totally voluntary.  You are asking for the money that the rest of us worked very hard to earn and are living under our roof; we are feeding and clothing you and seeing to your health needs.  In short you are our ward and have the choice of accepting our rules or moving along.  Our money. our rules. In the process you will be doing something to get your act together and develop esteem and respect for both yourself and others.  There is nothing more demeaning than being a tapeworm on perpetual charity.

     More blatant and elitist ignorance. There are those now on government aid that at one time, were completely independent. They had good jobs, stable pay and decent homes. Then, our economy tanked. Businesses, which had merely a few years prior been lucrative, now closed by the droves. Chains such as Circuit City, Mervyn’s, CompUSA, Linens and Things and Border’s Books vanished. We are now in the midst of a double-dip recession, with record unemployment across the nation. According to this, even these newly economically disadvantaged are simply drains on society, and should be treated like the “tapeworms on perpetual charity” that the author and those that embrace this agenda see them as.

I would end the system of rewarding poor judgment, bad decisions and anti-social attitudes and use your life mistakes as teachable moments.  If I am expected to help you then you are obligated to help yourself, or, again, hop a Greyhound and move on to the next sucker. The government employees or private sector contractors who distribute my charity to you will be required to document constant positive results in the form of successfully transitioning recipients from being kept by me like a dog in a kennel to being productive members of society.  Those ratings will be reviewed periodically and employees or contractors who fail to meet my standards will be fired.

     Now this is where it gets hateful. This rant’s supporters now see the disadvantaged as being kept like “a dog in a kennel.” In addition, they fault the person for ending up on government aid. (Remember those people I mentioned before, who were displaced when their jobs disappeared and entire companies folded?)  Anyone caught in the storm of the recession is now sub-human, according to this.

AND, finally… for the duration of your dependence on me, you will not be allowed to VOTE! Yes that is correct. For you to vote would be a conflict of interest – to say the least. And by viture of the very fact that you cannot survive without my charity proves that you are not capable of making sound decisions, nor should you have the ability to access what I earn without my having veto power.  You will voluntarily remove yourself from voting while you are receiving my charity. If you want  different, then get a job.

     This last paragraph shows the true nature of the more radical Tea Party element; they are the enemies of freedom. They would seek to wreck the very foundations of our system of government, depriving entire sectors of the populous of even basic constitutional rights. They only desire freedoms…for themselves. The words “with liberty and justice, for all” have no meaning to them.

     (ADDENDUM) In light of a recent reader-submitted comment, I have been convinced of the prudence of including some source citations for this material. Therefore, I will provide not one or two, but seven:

1) The Veterans Voice website, attributes the material to one “Alfred W. Evans” of Gatesville, Texas.

2) The Conservative Daily News, where the material is attributed to an original article from 18 November, 2010 in the Waco Tribune Herald, by an unnamed 21-year-old female author.

3) Mark Williams, Talk Show Host website, where the host has re-purposed the material, appearing as if it is his own submission. (This link is key: Mark Williams has established ties in mainstream conservative media.(1) Mr. Williams includes a PostScript at the end, in which he voices his opposition to what has been presented.)

4) Persephone Magazine website, where the material is quoted as part of an article in vociferous opposition to its concepts.

5) Jokeroo website, which also attributes the material to have originated in the Waco Tribune Herald , by “Alfred W. Evans” of Gatesville, Texas.

6) The Mountain Democrat, in a letter to the editor from 09 January of this year, where one “R.E. Mohr” of Placerville, California has re-purposed part of the material.

7) …and finally, the Fellowship of the Minds weblog here on WordPress, which confirms the veracity of the “Alfred W. Evans” / Waco Tribune Herald source. The article mentions that indeed, the letter has “gone viral” as of July of this year.


     Ladies and gentlemen, it was only a matter of time until these elements within the Tea Party provided us with proof of their true motivations. Now, I will concede the fact that there are people who are on aid, that have been on aid for quite some time and have abused the system. Those should definitely be addressed. But to engage in mass recriminations and punishment, to attack everyone at the same time is simply “bathwater and the baby” thinking, and it’s wrong-headed. In all actuality, it smacks of Fascism! With every painful paragraph above, I hear jackboots.

     It has been said that the pen is mightier than the sword. I can only hope that the same can be said for the keyboard, the mouse and the CPU. This is a fight that needs fought, against enemies of the constitution and of freedom. When I joined the Army in 1989, and again in 2000, I swore to defend that constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. The radicals and Dominionists within the Tea Party certainly fall in to the “domestic” category, and my blog and I are now IN THEIR FACE.

     (I never considered myself a “leftist” before, more of a Centrist / Moderate instead. However, the increasing hypocrisy of many who identify as “Christians” and the hate displayed by the neo-conservative right seem to be pushing me in that direction. So be it.)


5 comments on “American Rhetoric: The (Long Island Iced) Tea Party Patriots – Part Deux

  1. Oh yeah, this propaganda is definitely making the rounds. I just found it on a message board for CalFire employees;

    …the XD Talk forum;

    …Free Republic;


    and hell! Even on Cafe Moms;

    (This last one is a mind blower, especially given that bit about forced sterilisation of women!)

  2. Joshua Farrell says:

    You have taken one person’s thoughts, writing’s and rant and have made a poor attempt to fit and label all tea partiers into that box. You didn’t even give the source of where your info came from. Then you close with an attack on Christianity? Well you got my attention! Take my words as my own. My original thoughts as my own and uninfluenced unlike most of your readers I suspect.

    This bleeding heart liberal propaganda is the reason why this country is in the position it is in. No one wants to accept responsibility for their own success and failures and the government owes everybody something. You’re damn right; if I have to subsidize someone’s lifestyle and “assist” them in a “hand up”, then it should not be without conditions. And if you want my help then agree to my conditions or move along. But we’re not talking about the guy who lost his job when the economy tanked, who wants to work and who takes every opportunity to work. We’re talking about the guy who would rather be on unemployment and government assistance because it pays better than bustin your hump all day for an honest wage. We’re talking about the culture of Americans who were raised on exploiting the system and now have become so dependent on it that they deserve it.

    It’s not about the control of anyone or anything. It’s holding everyone accountable for their actions, or in most cases their inaction. Responsible adults make decisions by weighing the possible outcomes. Taking into consideration the pros and cons of their decisions and the impact it will have on not just them but their household and the people around them. But we now have a society that has bred a generation of people who are “entitled” to everything without having to earn it. Kids are having kids & Welfare is passed down from one generation to the next like it was a family heirloom.

    You call them hateful. I call them tired. They’re tired of seeing this great nation being stripped of its identity. We have always helped those in need and always will. What we are saying though is that it is an individual choice to help. No one should be required help. Anyone forced to help isn’t doing so from their heart, they are doing it because they are forced to. And Americans are getting tired of it. The thought of someone having to conform to rules in order to receive assistance from tax payers…..IT’S ATROCIOUS!!!! WE CAN’T HAVE RULES!!! But the Salvation Army, American Red Cross, Samaritans Purse and hundreds of other organizations who have been at the center of aide, relief causes, soup kitchens and shelters all have rules when entering their areas. One of those Rules being no Drugs and Alcohol. If you are found in violation of that rule you will be asked to leave or surrender the contraband. But isn’t that taking someone’s personal property? Yep it sure is and it’s small price to pay for a warm bed and a hot meal. Makes sense to me!

    The problem with this country is that the government wants to dictate how you and I live our lives. I agree that having rules is necessary in a civilized society. But shouldn’t those rules be enforced at the local and state level where the Constitution of these United States is observed and upheld? Not at the federal level to mandate as an authoritarian how I should live. If I fail then let me fail. However do not impede my success when I succeed!

    Not all Christians conduct themselves in a way that Christ would. No denying that. And there are some NonChristians that have conducted themselves better. It’s strange to me that you never hear a Christian accusing someone of being a Christian in negative connotation. I wonder why that is? I am lead to believe that they don’t call into play another Christians Faith because the argument becomes a self licking icecream cone. Therefore only a NonChristian would attack someone as a Christian and would do so and whilst hiding behind the anonymity of their beliefs.

    That being as it is, the word Christian is really over used by the liberal side of this country. The left automatically starts calling on someone’s Faith and beliefs just as soon as an argument or a situation goes against them. Or they will use it to describe their opposition. All that does is put everyone who is a Christian into the same box as the opposition. And over time everyone associates the liberal opposition as a Christian. And if they are a Christian who happens to oppose their ideals and views then they are the bad guys and hence Christians are bad. That’s what you are trying to do. And if it’s not, then I suspect you too have become a victim popular culture and have regurgitated something that sounded sharp and trite.

    I may not always conduct myself in a manner that would be pleasing to my lord and savior, I’m aware that, and I’m aware that I will answer for it the day I’m called to. It doesn’t make me any less of a Christian for it, anymore than my 16 year old son becomes less of a son to me because he got a “C” on his test or let his hormones get the best of him and was caught making out with his girlfriend by her mother. I don’t approve either one of those actions but accept that he will makes some mistakes in life and I will not always approve of his actions or choices. I do forgive him when he makes bad choices and love him just the same.

    • The reason that I did not cite a specific source for this document is because it has become “nebulous,” in that it has been making the rounds of Tea Party venues all over the internet, from media personality sites, to Facebook and Google+. In essence, defining the absolute source of the material is problematic, at best. It would probably be a good idea to cite at least a few of these sources though, so that people know I’m not simply making this stuff up. Good point.

      The problem though Josh, is that most Tea Party adherents are not differentiating between those genuinely in need of assistance, and those abusing the system. As I stated, they’ve engaged in “bathwater and the baby” rhetoric, which again is “wrong-headed.”

      Liberals are NOT the first ones to mention the faith of Tea Party adherents in this debate. From the left’s POV, it is the conservatives that begin by wrapping their rhetoric in a nice, faith-based covering, often citing scriptural references and good, “Christian” morality and concepts to support their arguments.

      This may have started out as one person’s thoughts and opinions, but since then it has been taken up by other Tea Partiers as yet another far-right rallying cry for change. (Not the “change” that Barack Obama has brought. He said “change” had come to America, and he was right. Change is all I have left in my pockets.) I promise you Josh, that because you called for it, I will attempt to find at least three separate sources for this document.

    • Okay, the article has been updated with no less than seven links to various sources.

      As far as Christianity and Christians go, I stand opposed to these in much the same fashion as Thomas Jefferson was in his day. Author of the Declaration of Independence, Jefferson once wrote in a letter to Benjamin Rush of Philadelphia, “To the corruptions of Christianity I am indeed opposed; but not to the genuine precepts of Jesus himself.”

      Now unlike Jefferson, I DO believe in miracles and things that cannot be explained by our own limited understanding. But it seems as though people identifying as “Christian” giving Christ and Christianity a “bad name” has been a tradition for at least the last 1,500 years. So, I am FAR from the first person to call this one out.

      As for the social welfare system, I know it needs changed. I know it needs to be re-examined, but radicalism bordering on Fascism is NOT the solution.

  3. Jacob W. Morphew says:

    Wow… Someone wants to recreate Nazi Germany… They need to rethink their overall ideas on national reform, or they will more than likely be responsible for inciting the next American Civil War.

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