Life and Living: Would You Like Insults With That?

Papa Johns and Chick-Fil-A locations

     It never ceases to amaze me just how cavalier some people can still be with their jobs, given the current economic climate. With thousands upon thousands of people in the unemployment lines, wondering where the next rent check is coming from, there are others out in the workforce that are taking their positions for granted. Positions that many would make great sacrifices for. Granted, being a cashier at a fast food restaurant isn’t the most glamorous job in the world, but at least it is a job.

     For the second time in a month, a fast food cashier has been fired for issuing racial insults on a printed receipt. (Again, the insult referenced Asians. What is with restaurants and Asian-Americans?) On Friday evening, Minhee Cho walked in to a New York Papa John’s pizza restaurant, and placed an order. She was given a receipt for her order, but then noticed the customer name on the receipt; “lady chinky eyes.” Minhee subsequently posted a scan of the receipt on her Twitter page, along with the tweet, “just FYI my name isn’t ‘lady chinky eyes.” Papa John’s has issued an apology, and again the cashier behind the racial slur shenanigans was summarily dismissed.(1)

     This follows a similar story from back in December, when two Asian-American students from U.C. Irvine were discriminated against in the exact same fashion, at a Chick-Fil-A location in Los Angeles, California.(2)

     Maybe someone would love to explain just what is going on here. It seems kind of fishy to me that there are now two instances of this within a month’s time. Both fast food chains, both in large cities, both discriminating against Asian-Americans. What I suspect is that the second cashier somehow learned of the first through the news or other sources, thought it would be an “lol,” proceeded to duplicate the stunt and got pinched for it. My fine young readers, I would hate to think that there’s something else going on here, some sort of whispered bias in the workplace.

     I think it’s important at this point that I make something clear. I’m not writing or publishing this article to impugn or demean the fast food industry as a whole. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, I have a few favorites among the many choices in fast food nationwide, including Carl’s Jr., In-N-Out, Sonic, Chico’s Tacos (an El Paso institution!) and Whataburger, just to name a few. Fast food does have it’s place in society. What I’m concerned about is the apparent lack of respect for customers and for their jobs that some fast food employees seem to have. Think about this; if it were not for the customer and their hard-earned dollar, those jobs would not be there. That’s why they call it the “service industry.”

     If any of you reading this are employed, or have ever been employed in the fast food industry, I would love to see some commentary on this article. Have you noted things like this happening in your workplace, have you ever done things like this or known someone who has? What are your views on the matter?


One comment on “Life and Living: Would You Like Insults With That?

  1. dearraven says:

    I don’t know how people can be that blatantly ignorant. To not think you were going to be caught and then fired. There was another instance where a black woman ordered from a pizza joint. Wanna know what her receipt said? “N***ers Don’t Tip”. I just don’t understand it. Thanks for the article.

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