The Cybersattva: Reflections on Creation

The Genesis Story:

(1)In the beginning, the writer created the weblog and the page. (2)The page was empty, a formless mass cloaked in blankness. And the hands of the writer were hovering over the mouse and the keyboard. (3)Then the writer said, “Let there be enlightenment!” and there was a vast amount of feverish typing. (4)And the writer saw that it was good.

     That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Enlightenment, and the sharing of knowledge through something of our own creation? Or is it much, much more…

     I personally believe in God. I really do. In fact, I also believe in the concept that we were created in his image. Since God is a triune being, (the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit,) so we are also triune beings! (Mind, Body and Spirit.) And, since God is a “creator God,” so we also possess within each of us, that “creative spark.”

     As writers, we in the “blogosphere” do a lot of typing, editing, proofreading and refining of our work, and I believe the same could be said for the way this entire physical existence was brought into being. You see, I also believe in “Intelligent Design,” in that God used the evolutionary process as the means to create all that we see and know today. Now, that’s not to say that God doesn’t have the power to also “snap his fingers” and make something happen, as I’m not about to put God in a box! No, quite the contrary. I believe that the evidence of this “divine finger-snap” can be seen in (what we conceive of as) the theory of “Hyper-inflation,” as posited by Professor Alan Guth at MIT.

     I think that authoring a blog…hell, any creative effort is our physical means, either consciously or subconsciously, of connecting with our maker on some level. It’s also a noble method of “paying it back, and paying it forward.” To make it truly count, I believe that each of us should also endeavour to use our creative skills in whatever form they take, to benefit others and enrich this wondrous creation that we exist as a part of.

     As for you, my fine young readers, I would encourage each and every one of you to find that “creative spark” within yourself, if you haven’t already done so. Connect with your divine inheritance, nurture it, and use it to become “creatively philanthropic.” If you want to see the miracle, then be the miracle! If you already have a gift, then again grow the gift and give of its fruits to others, while doing your level best to make sure the fruit is good.

     While you are doing all of this, never be afraid to ask questions. There is a plethora of sources for finding facts, figures and explanations out here. Use them wisely. Never simply look for facts that support your own conclusions, either. If the brunt of the info runs contrary to what you assumed to be true, then don’t be afraid to entertain other possibilities! Knowledge is a good thing, and even better if you can benefit others with it! The selfish hoarding of knowledge is wrong. It doesn’t help anyone, including those that hoard it. Again, the idea is in the giving.

     All of these thoughts are simply the “various musings of a cyber-seeker.” If there is wisdom to be found in these musings, then I honestly hope that each of you, my fine young readers finds some nourishment in these fruits, because I love each and every one of you, as I believe that God does also!


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