The Homefront: The Curious Case of Jordan Powers

Pictured, l to r: Tammie Powers, Jordan Powers and James Hooker.

     As a parent, certain stories involving the trials and tribulations that other parents go through often catch my eye. This morning while perusing the various local and national news sources, I came across an item that is fast becoming viral. It has gone from the local Modesto Bee, to the local ABC affiliates, to the national spotlight on Good Morning America. There’s even talk that Nancy Grace is going to have a go at this one; it is the torrid tale of Jordan Powers, 18-year-old former high school student of Modesto, California, and her 41-year-old lover, former business teacher James Hooker.

     Hooker it seems, is one of Jordan’s former teachers from her time at James C. Enochs High School in Modesto. According to news coverage of the issue, the two became acquainted while Jordan was a Freshman at Enochs High, but that the romantic aspect of their relationship only blossomed after she turned 18 in September of last year. For his part, Hooker has left a wife and children, and resigned (or has been suspended, depending on the news source) from his teaching post at the school so that he could facilitate this relationship with the young Miss Powers.

     Jordan’s mother, Tammie Powers (née Mullins) is skeptical of the claims being made by her daughter and Mr. Hooker regarding when the relationship began, and has voiced her suspicions of an earlier start to said relationship. “She looked up to him,” Powers said. “He was in the position of an educator, you don’t abuse your student. Period. She’s still in high school. She still lives at home. She has a curfew. … That’s not OK.” Now, mom has taken to her Facebook page, using it as a forum for her efforts to thwart the relationship between her daughter and James Hooker, as well as seeking his possible incarceration over the issue.

     My fine young readers, let me begin my opining on this one by noting that there is quite often, more to these types of stories than what meets the eye. Unfortunately, we can only go with what we know or have been told by those who are “in the know.” In that respect, there are a few things about the situation that bug the hell out of me, let alone the fact that this man is evidently having a mid-life crisis!

     First, the economics of the situation are impossible. James Hooker has been suspended from his teaching job, left a wife and children behind, obtained an apartment (separate dwelling from his house, where wife and children remain,) and commenced a romantic relationship with a girl that is still pursuing her last year of compulsory education. Oh, but wait! Allow me to map this out for you all in bullet points;

  •      James Hooker has lost his job = less / no income coming into either his former or current home(s). [NEGATIVE INCOME]
  •      James Hooker has left his wife and children = divorce, coupled with alimony and child support. [DEBIT COLUMN]
  •      James Hooker has left a home behind = possible house payment(s). [DEBIT COLUMN]
  •      James Hooker has assumed financial responsibility for a new apartment = increased housing and utility costs. [DEBIT COLUMN]
  •      Finally, James Hooker has assumed financial support of a young adult who is still in high school. [DEBIT COLUMN]

     Does anyone other than myself, see anything hinky about this? Unless Mr. Hooker is a trust fund baby, has a very lucrative side job or is rich beyond the dreams of avarice, I don’t see this ending well. Please keep in mind that the one thing that new couples argue and fight about, more than anything else, is the issue of money. I know this personally…been there, done that. Have the tee-shirt, the sweater and the coffee mug!

     Second, I don’t personally see how young Miss Powers could have any inkling of an idea about the psychology involved with this situation. It’s quite evident that James Hooker is in the throes of a mid-life crisis. Who else forsakes their job, their home, their family and whatever dignity they might have had, solely to pursue what could only be a “puppy love” relationship with a girl half their age? For the love of GOD, man! Buy a motorcycle or a convertible, grow a ponytail, start rollerblading, bungee jumping or white-water rafting, but cheeze and rice! Don’t go starting a fleeting “May-September” romance with a girl who’s too young to understand what’s going on, or what time it really is! Go grow a goatee, get an ear pierced or get a tattoo! Anything but robbing the cradle!

     In addition, I have a few simple thoughts as to what might have precipitated this move by young Jordan. Her mother stated that she was “still in high school, still at home and has a curfew.” She has also stated to the media that until Jordan was “of age,” that she was not allowed to view any “R-rated” movies, and was a “compliant” child in the home. It seems to me that Jordan might be coming out from under the umbrella of a situation that she felt was overly controlling or restrictive. (As I don’t know the Powers’ personally, I just don’t know.) But that would be my guess.

     As a parent, I sent “mom” Powers correspondence. In it, I expressed my opinion that since Jordan is indeed an adult now, that Tammie needs to let go. I also encouraged her to be vigilant, and to keep a weather eye on the situation. This problematic situation is however, one that young Jordan Powers will have to reckon out on her own, for her own growth.


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46 comments on “The Homefront: The Curious Case of Jordan Powers

  1. Alice/Utah says:

    I am a woman in her 50’s but I remember. Girls can be attracted to older men, especially men in a position of authority for many reasons: the taste of freedom and Independence; the promise of adequate funds for access to cars, vacations, indulgences; the risk of forbidden love; the thrill of the power such as attraction to a teacher or someone in uniform; the hope of being taken care of. Most of this is an illusion anyway, but all these aspects in this man disappeared overnight. He is unemployed and life will soon be tedious and unexciting, like real life, only hitting a bit soon for this young gal.

  2. allison says:

    This guy is a POS. Plain and simple. Anyone who defends him must obviously like younger kids as well. Why else would you be blathering on and on about this Pedo? I have a 14yr old daughter. If this happened to her and to our family, this wouldnt even be an issue. Cause myself or her father wouldve taken care of Mr. Hooker ourselves. This mother has every right to fight this thing. Who cares that the girl is now 18? Do you really believe that the day she turned 18 is when he decided to molest her?? Come on. The reason that this mom is fighting so hard is to make the cops investigate if he was having sex/rape/molest before Sept (her birthday) with Jordan. If the answer is yes, than its a done deal. Hes a pedo and hes brainwashed this girl. Pedophilia is widespread and doesnt look like its going to get better anytime soon. Just look at the replies to this blog! I feel bad for the family he just upped and left as well. He has another family he has to support. How could he just abandon them? Their all better off without this douchebag. I hope the wife takes this slob to the cleaners and cuts her losses. Eventually Mr. Hooker will find someone else younger than Jordan and toss her away like his first family.

    • r. gerrit vanderwest says:

      There is no evidence at all for any so-called molestation. You are reduced to throwing about loose, unfounded, baseless acussations because you have no rational argument to present against the love these two adults exhibit. It’s fascinating that you find an 18-yr. old adult woman not capable of deciding for herself who she loves, this sort of thinking is exactly the sort of religious enslavement of women I referrred to earlier. Do the miminum amount of research into adult relationships and you’ll discover that this is quite common and acceptable, and rightly so, as adults are free to enjoy love as they see fit.
      As to your [EDITED FOR CONTENT] misapprehension and rather uneducated views on pedophilia, your comments reveal a staggering ignorance on what it is and the vast difference between pedophilia and healthy adult love. Take a few moments to open a dictionary or an encyclopedia and read the definition offered therein, you’ll be slightly less ignorant.

      • (R. Gerrit, if you have any questions as to the content edit, please message me privately, through the contact page. Thank you.)

        • r. gerrit vanderwest says:

          You censored my use of the word moronis, but allowed allison to refer to me as a piece of shit? Interesting.

          • She DID? (Sorry, I’ve had some help with admin these past few days, IRL things took priority.) I apologise….lemme look into that….

            Allison was referring to James Hooker…not you.

          • r. gerrit vanderwest says:

            Alright, that seems probable, I misread her opening statement as a reference to me. She does however accuse anyone who defends the Mr. Hooker as a pedophile, which is simply absurd and defamatory. Though I am not specifically and explicitly defending Mr. Hooker solely, my promotion of adults being free to love one another implicitly includes his rights to do so. So, indirectly, I am accused by allison as being a pedophile, which is utterly baseless and childish.

          • Well, a lot of people are quite understandably concerned about the unanswered questions of the issue, such as if James Hooker used his teaching position to again, begin pursuing Jordan while she was still a minor. If that is indeed the case, then Mr. Hooker would definitely seem to qualify as being pedophilic.

            Granted, you’re going to find people on both ends of this debate, including people on the extreme ends, who tend to let emotion govern their responses.

          • r. gerrit vanderwest says:

            Even supposing that Mr. Hooker did pursue Jordan, this is not pedophilia, not as defined by any legal code or psychiatric classification of disorders. I refer you to my earlier post of the definition of pedophilia. It’s more than slightly disconcerting how ignorant, uninformed, and misinformed presumably intelligent adults are on this term. A simple google search or brief perusal of any standard English dictionary should dispel the ignorance surrounding this term.
            Now, I will grant that any sexual contact between Mr. Hooker and Jordan prior to her attaining legal status as an adult in her State (California) would be subject to possible criminal investigation and potential prosecution of Mr. Hooker, I don’t condone nor promote this type of relationship between an adult and a minor, But let’s be clear here, as of this moment no evidence of any criminal sexual contact between Mr. Hooker and Jordan has been established, nor has any reliable disinterested testimony been proffered by anyone who has credible information based on some actual conversation, text, message, writing, note, letter, journal entry, diary, missive, medical report, receipt of birth control prescriptions,or any other such artifact which might provide a rational basis for what has heretofore been nothing less than loose speculation, wild conjecture, and predetermined presumptions of guilt. If such evidence of sexual contact between Mr. Hooker and Jordan taking place prior to her legal status as an adult exists, that would be a reasonable basis for at the least, an investigation. But these self-righteous declarations of certitude of a crime having been committed are simply unjustified, baseless, and stink of vigilantism until such evidence is presented.
            I ask any thinking person, where is the evidence for a single one of your accusations? If you have personal knowledge of a crime, why do you hesitate to come forwward with your evidence? Why are you withholding this evidence from the authorities, why are you instead offering Mr. Hooker a degree of preparatory time and space to mount a legal defense? Bring forth your evidence. Notify the authorities. Stop tipping your hand to Mr. Hooker and his lawyers.

  3. Gary McDowall says:

    The Powers Family dynamics is a major aspect. Jordan wanted or needed something in her life and I believe Hooker, like many users, sociopaths, pedophiles, con artists, etc picked up on her, and used his “skills” to gain her trust, manipulate, then “give” her what she ( really himself) apparently wanted and thus gained control over her emotional needs. Most high school students do not forsake their peer group and that socialization process. Not having a father figure, his loss, is also an aspect that counseling would examine. Her relationship with her mother will and is forever changed. Hooker is contemptible. I do not think any company would hire him given the circumstances. He could of course leave the state. As for money, and if he did indeed plan this, not doubt he pulled out all his savings, IRA or whatever. He will eventually be ordered to pay child support.. but he isn’t divorced. I won’t even get into his mental issues/ethics. What a piece of work .

    • r. gerrit vanderwest says:

      You are making the unsupported assumption that something is wrong here. Nothing is. No laws were broken, no morals violated, no ethical rules broken, nothing at all. You toss around accusations in a slipshod fashion, such as the absurd malapropism of pedophilia, which is legally and psychologically defined as a psychiatric disorder in adults or late adolescents (persons age 16 or older) typically characterized by a primary or exclusive sexual interest in prepubescent children (generally age 13 years or younger, though onset of puberty may vary). Notice that the young woman involved in the relationship is neither prepubescent nor a child, she is an adult, which means pedophilia cannot possibly be relevant. It’s typical of reactionary, superstitious, uninformed, stultified persons to draw upon the dominant love narratives’ negative sexual referents and expletives when confronted with a love relationship which challenges, undermines, and exposes the self-contradictions of the dominant narrative, but these accusations are invariably baseless and futile, serving only to reveal the puritannical tyranny and bigotry of the accuser.

      Do just a minimum of autodidactic research into the nature of adult relationships and you’ll be both enlightened and edified, I’m sure ot it.

    • Gary McDowall says:

      I did not state he was a sociopath, etc., only that his behavior ,lying, and hiding that behavior from others, his family, school officials, her family, etc., is a typical behavior used by sociopaths, pedophiles, and many criminals. whom also try to justify their actions. They use there “skills” and are usually good at choosing their victims. A any child, who lost a father, that might have difficulties in familial relationships, or a million other unknown reasons, might seek a sympathetic ear, or be recognized by a type of predator, under the guise of helping them. His behavior towards her, developing from a school environment, at the time of her being a minor, is unjustifiable. It may be to late to close the barn door, but every aspect of his behavior towards her, when she was a minor should be examined. Far different if she were in college, but even then Professors need to be ethical .

      Developing a relationship…use of texts, by a teacher, to a student, when she was 14 violates the ethics of being a professional…teacher…not illegal…perhaps, time will tell, but unethical. Enough for any school to fire him, grounds for an investigation, and perhaps lose his teaching credential.

      Developing a relationship by a 41 year to a 14 year old, at school (Man-child), is not unethical? Is this not similar to grooming? They did not Fall in love on her birthday, there was plenty of communication prior to that date. The power position of a teacher student relationship, for 4 years, hidden from school officials, his and her families is indicative of a healthy relationship? It is proper for a teacher? Now that she is 18, that is another dynamic. Both are adults. It is his behavior and actions, as a teacher, as an Adult, relating to a then minor that was unethical and perhaps illegal.

      Personally communication to a student, at home, on non-related, or even school related is inappropriate, all communication should go through the schools communication equipment and unauthorized communication should be grounds for dismissal. Given the myriad of communication methods, parents need to almost need to be a communications expert to know what their child is doing. Hopefully the child has good communication and trust with their parents. It is much easier to
      simply state that any non-school related communication is allowed and all student teacher communication needs to be electronically stored.

      • Gary McDowall says:

        Edit….It is much easier to simply state that any non-school related communication is NOT allowed and all student teacher communication needs to be electronically stored.

  4. UPDATED ARTICLE FOOTNOTES – Added more related article links to mainstream news sources.

    Something positive is coming out of this whole mess…Megyn Kelly / Bill-O (Fox) and Nancy Grace (CNN) are in total agreement that this guy is a complete piece of schlock!

  5. Here’s the thing that bugs me…I just watched the Nancy Grace interview video from CNN / HLN. Tammie Powers states that after her daughter and James Hooker moved her belongings from the home, she went over to the apartment to confront the former teacher. She was subsequently told by law enforcement that, if she didn’t leave, SHE would be arrested for criminal trespass and disturbing the peace. Grace, in the interview, stated to Tammie that she (Grace) would have told the officers “lock me up!”

    In my own, not-so-humble opinion, this is idiocy! First of all, what possible good would it have done for Tammie Powers to get herself arrested? While her actions are completely understandable from the perspective of parental angst and / or frustration, they are counterproductive to accomplishing her goals.

    IMO, Nancy Grace is a moron for encouraging this kind of irrational response to the situation.

  6. Mary says:

    Regardless of the “legality” of her age and “his right to do whatever he pleases because he lives in America where we do whatever feels good” there is a much more important detail to consider. Where the hell has taking the high road, dong the right thing, and sticking to commitment gone? The real issue here is the serious and alarming fact that our society is breaking down because our wonderful government is working hard to create an atmosphere in our society where it’s more than OK to “do what feels good FOR YOU no matter the consequences”. You can disagree until you’re blue in the face that there’s ingrained moral standard in each and everyone of us, given to us by our Creator that tells us what’s right and wrong. It’s sad and more importantly frightening that the government is trying desperately to snuff it out in the disguise of being “politically correct”. Whatever happened to Honor? Responsibility? Considering how your actions will affect others? It is so sad that this teacher has “bought into” secularism at its finest…..

    • r. gerrit vanderwest says:

      What may I ask has either of them done wrong?

      • R. Gerrit;

        Pragmatically, it all comes down to a matter of perspective. (It all depends on who you ask.)

        • r. gerrit vanderwest says:

          Sure, perspective constrains conclusions, to a degree. But there is an objective reality here which can be ascertained via rational thought and disinterested analysis. That reality is that the spectrum of human love is far more expansive and unhindered than our fears and jealousies and insecurities. It strikes as it pleases and when it involves persons of legal age, no person has any right to attempt to impose upon it.

          • Okay, but what about when it involves persons not of legal age? There is still the question of whether the “googley-goo,” eye-batting, plethora of texting interaction(s) between young Miss Powers and Mr. Hooker began before she turned 18.

            I still maintain that Jordan cannot possibly, by virtue of her youth, be able to fully appreciate all of the ramifications and circumstances that are at play in this situation.

    • r. gerrit vanderwest says:

      As for any moral standard injected into us by some deity, there’s simply not a shred of evidence for these primitive superstitions, any more than there is evidence for leprechauns washing my laundry and folding my clothing every night as I sleep.

      There is no governmental attempt to eliminate religion, that’s simply paranoia. People in the United States are free to believe as they choose, but they may not impose their particular sectarian superstitions onto others via a state religion or theocratic system. The Founders were adamantly clear on this point, that the United States would be a secular state, unlike anything which had preceded it, with freedom to believe or not believe in any deity or deities. Your expression of angst exemplifies exactly what I outlinedin my original post, namely that the source of your discomfort for this couple is based upon primitive superstitions which adhere to a narrowly defined, repressive, self-contradictory love narrative which has no relationship to actual human freedom.

      • R. Gerrit…you’re preaching to the choir box on the matter of church / state separation. (Or hadn’t you read any of my posts on the issue?) I’m quite familiar with the idea, including the source of the phrase. (1802, I recall….)

      • Mary says:

        Aahhhhh……. 🙂 Now I understand where you are coming from r. gerrit V. 🙂 You are an atheist which puts your aurguments into an entirely different light for me. Two things which I will not debate further after this post, because I know them to be facts and therefore not debatable: Number 1: Both individuals in this ARE in fact doing wrong; the 40 year old man more so because he is hurting innocent people (his family) by his irresponsible choices. This is a fact: when you selfishly put your own UN-NESSESARY (sp?) pleasure and satisfaction above hurting others, it is wrong plain and simple. Also he is an adult with life experience and as such, responsible for morally misleading a young girl who does not have the life experience to deal with this from a mature perspective. Number 2: It is sad you have not experienced “a shred of evidence” that there is in fact a supreme deity. I have experienced many unexplainable, supernatural occurances and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is very real. You may disagree with me all you want; I will not respond. I will only say, I’ll give you a warm hug in the afterlife and lovingly say “I told you so” 🙂 Best wishes you to you….

  7. kimbroughs says:

    From my perspective all is well with this situation. If anyone is to blame for this situation it is the mother of the young lady and the wife and daughter of the teacher. There are so many variables in this story which unfolded over a period of time where many, many people were aware of this relationship. At one point, the mother said there was a picture of her daughter sitting in the teacher’s lap. Which mother in their right mind would allow and accept such behavior. Parents need to stop being a buddy and being a parent, Tammie Powers and the teacher’s wife should have put a stop to this long ago. Now that the daughter is of age everyone need to shut up already and leave them alone because close associates caused this.

  8. CAL says:

    I am just going to throw this one out there. Where is the young ladies father? Is this a situation of abandonment issues? Did or Does she not have her father in her life? Is the young lady needing a father figure? It is unfortunate but these things do happen. She will get what she needs out of the situation. In a few months, years whatever the case may be. She will want children and he will not want to start a new family. Her mother needs to be there for her. Everyone makes mistakes, it’s what we learn from the mistakes that make us who we are.

    • Cal,

      It is my understanding that the father passed away when Jordan was younger. Hope that helps, the info might also be found in the linked articles at the bottom of the post.

      J. P.M.

    • r. gerrit vanderwest says:

      The antecedent psychological conditions which are primary as the formative basis for her personality are relevant as possible signifiers, or referents, for her volitional superstructure. The Electra complex may very well be a subconscious motif in the young woman’s wish-fulfillment desires, particularly with regard to an authority figure. However, it may simply be love. An intimacy and unconditional mutualism which both persons find beneficial, cathartic, and satisfying. Simple conjectures based on debunked (or non-existent) analytical methods are, well, to be kind, conducted by simplistic minds. The real issue here is why such a pairing disturbs so many, what perceived or unconscious paradigmatical clan narrative has been violated, and how did it come that the dominant psycho-sexual narrative adheres to an irrational, narrow, distorted, pollyannish conception of human love wherein its actors must be chained and millstoned to one love narrative, which itself denies its largely self-contradictory form and nature. In other words, the deeper issue involves the unmasking of the larger, collective pseudo-morality which many in American society perpetuate, willingly or otherwise.

      As to your conjceture that “he will not want to start a new family”, this seems at best based upon a projection of your own preferences and misconceptions with regard to male potency, at worst it is plain jealousy disguised as foreknowledge or prescience relative to another man’s desires. The fact is you have no idea whether or not he wants to have children with her, now or in the future. It’s simple charlatanism to claim you know.

  9. Mbravo says:

    I think it’s interesting that Mr. Morgan has highlighted the pragmatic concerns facing this unique (or disgusting if that’s how you see it) relationship/situation. While I will not argue that this relationship is healthy, I will say that 18 year old girls make decisions every day that are far more disruptive and dangerous to themselves and to people around then. They drop out of school, become addicted to drugs, and get involved with destructive, selfish and sometimes evil men. This happens every day. So why is it that this “Item” has seized our attention? No that’s not a rhetorical question I will answer later, I really want to know.
    I believe that it’s time for parents to start owning some of the mistakes their children make. The average 18 year old girl doesn’t walk away from high school, friends, the prom and their family to shack up with with a much much older, average looking man. Instead of dwelling on this idea that daughter Powers has been manipulated and abused by Modesto’s worst teacher maybe we should lend some consideration to the possibility that mamma Powers may not have done the best job at raising her daughter.
    Going forward I think that Tammie Powers should end her crusade against Mr. Hooker. Her play at demonizing this man shows that she wants people to feel sorry for her. If we should feel for anyone in this situation it is the Hooker Family (minus Jimmy). His wife and children abandoned. Feeling angry, sad, humiliated, and empty. Congrats Jordan, you picked a man capable of walking away from the people that mattered the most to him.

  10. none says:

    actually I go to the school,he was my teacher until he did in fact resign.Or so they say,but this [expletive] about them is getting annoying.Enochs is a great school!

  11. r. gerrit vanderwest says:

    I didn’t portray them as victims of anything, in fact just the opposite, they are adults who have managed to overcome spurious, outmoded, and irrational social conventions because they love one another.

  12. Judge says:

    Is any 18-year-old mature enough to start a relationship? Or just those that aren’t dating their (former) teachers?

  13. r. gerrit vanderwest says:

    This relationship is perfectly valid, precisely because both persons involved are adults. The age disparity which seems to be the source of so much angst for so many, is irrelevant between adults, both legally and morally, and emanates from deeply entrenched internal psycho-sexual insecurities, which often manifest in exhibitions of explosive maternal (mother-figure) jealousies directed toward the daughter-figure, aimed at what the mother-figure perceives as affronts to her status as the primary (sole) female reproductive in the clan. These affronts, real or imagined, are met with attempts by the mother-figure to repress burgeoning daughter-figure sexuality, or when this fails, to recruit the clan moral narrative to utilize as a bludgeon against the adult male participant in the relationship, in the hopes of deterring or undermining the relationship, thereby presumably preserving the mother-figure’s monopoly status as the sole reproductive in the psycho-sexual drama of the clan. This primal social paradigm, long since abandoned by enlightened societies, is indicative of a more retrograde social structure with clearly defined, but repressive psycho-sexual roles. Do a tiny bit of research, just a minimum, with regard to consentual relationships involving persons with age differences of more than a generation between them and you will discover that this phenomenon is common and accepted, often even encouraged, both historically and contemporaneously, among enlightened people unburdened and unhindered by abitrarily conceived, puritannical notions, the likes of which originate in superstition and irrationality.

    • Wow. A very enlightening view of the psycho-social aspects of the story, but what about the emotional, developmental and economical aspects? This young lady can’t possibly be able to completely appreciate the circumstance that she now finds herself in, especially given that her new “novio” is now unemployed because of this very same relationship.

      The lengthy paragraph above doesn’t change the simple fact that this is a truckload of trouble, heading for a road chock full of potholes!

      • r. gerrit vanderwest says:

        The economic aspects are no worse, and likely better, than if her lover were 18 years old. The emotional impact of being in love is always complex, nothing about age alters that one iota, nor intensifies or lessens it. As for developmental issues, what better way to develop greater critical thinking skills and maturity than to be deeply connected to a person with life experiences you may encounter or have forgotten, depending on which perspective you’re viewing the other.

        • Respectfully, I disagree. Their economic prospects are worse, due to his age. It is far easier for an 18-24 year-old to get a job than a 41-year-old former teacher, who was suspended over ethical issues, and that’s the truth.

          • r. gerrit vanderwest says:

            Well, legally every person at the age of 18, and in cases wherein parental consent is granted, even as young as 16 in some states, is considered of marriageable age. it is that simple as a legal matter.

          • Judge says:

            If he was suspended, he’s likely still collecting at least a portion of his salary.

          • r. gerrit vanderwest says:

            Well, then you ignore a very salient fact which undermines your entire argument about the economic prospects, which by the way are irrelevant to the legality and morality of the issue. That a well-educated 41-old has a vast wealth of experience, education, professional credentials, and connections within a particular field of endeavor (or multiple fields), which grants this person an enormous and decisive advantage over a high school student is so obvious to a thinking person that it hardly seems necessary to have to elucidate in writing, but so it goes.
            As to the reasons for the suspension of the teacher, a much more likely cause is the school board’s wish to avoid the negative publicity and outcry from already an scandalized California Education system. Nothing more than simple pragmatics need explain the suspension, any puritannical Weltanschauung of some board members notwithstanding.

    • rachel roach says:

      your portrale of them as victims of circumstance is certainly powerful but you fail to acknowledge the simple facts: 1. it’s wrong and everyone involved knows it, 2. she should have known better and 3. it’s not love on either side.

      • Californication says:

        And now look where “Gay Rights” has brought us. What argument can be made against this man when they weren’t accepted against redefining marriage to include gays? If you don’t think young men and women aren’t coaxed into gay relationships by a more dominant partner who preys on their insecurities and issues in life then you haven’t got the foggiest clue. Happens every day.

        It is ABSOLUTELY laughable to watch the same people who support “gay rights” and don’t accept that atleast half of the country sees IT has disgusting and wrong also now want to condemn a man who is 41 for dating an 18 year old.

        Hopefully a story like this reminds us why we don’t get to pick and choose what WE think is wrong and disgusting while approving similar other actions claiming them to be “Civil Rights” all the while dismissing others thoughts of its disgust and inappropriateness.

        Slippery slope. Check.

        • “And now look where “Gay Rights” has brought us.”? Respectfully, this has absolutely nothing to do with the ensuring or denial of equal rights and protections under law for all citizens, INCLUDING those in the LGBT community. This has EVERYTHING to do instead, with the possibility that Mr. Hooker commenced the “woo’ing” of Jordan Powers prior to her being of legal age, using his position as a teacher to do this.

          The moment that I see chatter attempting to equate people in the LGBT community with pedophiles, sorry but it’s getting quashed. It’s utter BULLSH**.

  14. linda says:

    Unfortunately., this happens a lot. Don’t blame the parents We send our kids to school to get educated we should be able to trust the teacher. Jordan is a young girl that has been groomed by a pedophile. How dare you blame the parent–people like you that haven’t been in this situation just don’t get it. The same thing happened to my daughter with her basketball coach. We are told as parents that we need to keep our kids busy with sports and extracurricular activity and the people we entrust our kids too are grooming and raping them. It breaks our heart,our children heart and sometimes our lives. you have the nerve to say that this mom should let it go– that is offensive.
    Linda rivera

    • Linda…

      You may very well be offended when I say that Ms. Powers should “let go,” but being that Jordan is now an adult, not doing so might only serve to drive her further away. I’m not saying not to be vigilant, or to not be there when (not if, but when) this May-September fling falls apart.

      I’m not blaming Tammie Powers. If anyone’s bearing the brunt of responsibility in this situation, it’s James Hooker for taking advantage of Jordan’s youth.

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