Life and Living: We Travel This Mortal Coil Together

Only the love in your heart can make the day truly brighter.

     As this world sinks deeper into what seems like an irreversible mire, I’m writing what at this point, I’m thinking is quite possibly going to be my final blog post. Since August of last year, I have committed my keyboard, mouse and monitor to commenting on everything from the TSA, to Emma Sullivan and Jordan Powers, to troubles with Iran and Afghanistan. I’ve done my level best to shine some light on the multitude of problems with our schools, attempted to posit some solid reasoning for the case of LGBT rights and equal protections, and generally make the world, or at least my little corner of it, a better place.

     I read something on the good ol’ Facebook news feed today that has me doing some rather deep thinking. A relative of mine posted the following quote, along with her two-word, emphatic agreement to the sentiment;

     “Some people are like clouds. When they disappear, it’s a brighter day.”

     I know a lot of you, my fine, young and most appreciated readers, would agree with this idea. In the past, I would have also, if I’m at all honest. Today though, something about that idea seemed just…wrong. Not only did it seem wrong, it hurt. No, I’m not talking about a physical pain, no pinprick headache, no shin-splint. I’m talking about an emotional pain, one that you can only feel in your heart of hearts when you come across something or some idea that makes you feel so sad, so hopeless for the state of the human condition, that you feel like silently weeping. That’s how this quote made me feel.

     Someone once told me that, while we cannot hope to control other people’s actions and words, we can however, control our own reactions to them. How we feel about and react to others is the onus of each and every one of us as a person. So, I asked myself; do I really feel like that about some people? What is it about others that causes me to feel that way? What is it in me that I need to change, so that I stop feeling that way about other people?

     When someone “disappears” from our lives, whether it be for the moment or for a lifetime, it’s a loss of varying degree. In my most humble of opinions, (I know, that’s quite a departure for this balding, haggard old blog author, isn’t it!?) we should be thankful for all of the people that cross our lifepaths, both the ones that bring us glad tidings, and those who bode ill tidings. The former enrich our lives and teach us more about joy, while the latter enrich us just as much by instructing and testing our patience and integrity. Not only should we as fellow human beings and life travellers be thankful for these people, we should love them.

     Likewise, we are thankful for both clouds and sunshine. While the sun brings us light and warmth, and helps things grow, the clouds bring us the rain, which is also essential for the earth, and everything on her.

     My own travels through this life will continue, as long as the good Lord wills them to. For those of you that have joined me on those travels in the past few months, by way of this simple arrangement of electrons, pixels, words and paragraphs, thank you. From the core of my being…thank you. I don’t quite know what life and this world have in store for us, but if we hold each other nearer and dearer to the best of our abilities, I honestly believe that we can get to the other side, come what may, together and relatively unscathed. (Well, maybe minus a few eyebrows or with somewhat less hair up top, but still!)

“Light of the world, shine on me…
Love is the answer.
Shine on us all, set us free…
Love is the answer.”
(England Dan and John Ford Coley, c1978)


4 comments on “Life and Living: We Travel This Mortal Coil Together

  1. truelibertarian says:

    We can’t control our reactions at all. We can make a conscious choice not to act upon our initial reaction, but we have no influence upon the reaction itself. The implication is that we have control of our actions, but not our reactions, which is the distinction between impression (mental) and response (physical). The impression is the important part, however.

    And while we cannot change our impressions, we can (and I am wording this VERY precisely) place ourselves in circumstances where our impression will be that our impressions are incorrect or uninformed or misguided. Obviously, this leads to a new set of impressions until they themselves are changed. Now, there are many sets of impressions, categorized by how they may be changed and how they manifest themselves, that are consistently changing. These impressions include preferences, knowledge, etc. Some events are significant enough to rewire many sets of impressions. However, there are also sets of impressions that almost never change, except for rare events, which tend to be based upon deep-seated beliefs including religion and general worldview. For some people, there may be sets of impressions that are literally impossible to be changed. But I cannot attest to their existence, as such an absolute claim in such a nonspecific argument is out of place and illogical.

    • Truelib my friend, I fear that you’re over-complicating the whole thing. That’s okay though, you’re a thinker by nature, and I wouldn’t change that about you. You’ve been a valuable source of feedback and advice on this blogger’s journey. Good on ya!

      • truelibertarian says:

        I had to write a LONG paper for a class on Pyrrhonian skepticism in two days, and had yet to do the reading. I still haven’t mentally recovered, and I think like a skeptic now. It’s actually incredibly annoying.

  2. Please don’t stop writing. Your writing’s have helped me look at the world in a more critical sense, and actually gave me the ability for greater depths of thought. You have helped inspire me (and possibly other, like minded yet passionately reserved people) to walk and carry myself in a far more honorable light. You inspired me to live more, “On the level”, as you have so put it. I also feel that you have just started to realize your potential in this line of journalism, and that you should continue for the sake of personal realization. This is, however, in my not so humble opinion, and you are allowed to take it in any which way but up if you choose. Just bare in mind that there are people that will miss you, and will miss your genius.

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