The Homefront: Justice, Off For The Holidays?

Sins of the father? (Pictured, l. to r.) Spencer and Kyle Scarber.

Sins of the father? (Pictured, l. to r.) Spencer and Kyle Scarber.


     I know that I was supposed to regale you all with a solid, well researched article regarding the topic of Bibliolatry, and rest assured that the article is still in the works. I’m taking a small break however, to cover something that’s happening in the local area, albeit from a blogger’s Op/Ed perspective. I’m referring to the case of Spencer Scarber, convicted rapist and current fugitive from justice. This is a story that has been brewing for the past few weeks, and involves several aspects of local (Fresno) law enforcement…but I digress…

     On July 30th of last year, (2011) authorities arrested 19-year-old Spencer Scarber, son of assistant Fresno-area CHP chief Kyle Scarber, on charges of rape by force, kidnap to commit rape, sexual penetration with force, assault with a deadly weapon and burglary, one day after an initial report was filed with the Fresno County sheriff’s department. (1) He was subsequently released on bond (2) and earlier this year, his case went to trial. On the day that Spencer Scarber was to testify in his own defense, after prosecutors had finished presenting their arguments and evidence, his father (Kyle) reported him missing to authorities. According to investigators, Kyle Scarber stated that the last time he had seen his son was at around 1:30 A.M. on the morning of Wednesday, the 12th of December, and discovered him missing at or after 5:00 A.M. In addition, Scarber pointed out apparent blood stains on the surface of the family’s driveway to the responding investigators, and stated that Spencer’s crutches (don’t ask me,) were also discovered there. The elder Mr. Scarber even posted missing person flyers around the neighborhood. (3)

     Since December 12th, prosecutors have stated that Spencer Scarber’s disappearance was in fact, staged. According to sources, a photo was taken of a vehicle belonging to Gail Scarber, the defendant’s mother, crossing the border at the San Ysidro port of entry into Mexico, at approximately 3:24 A.M., on the same morning that Kyle Scarber reported Spencer missing. (Keep in mind here, my fine young readers, that it takes at least seven hours to drive from Squaw Valley to San Ysidro.) Eighty minutes later, at about 4:45 A.M., Gail Scarber, along with Spencer Scarber’s sister, used their passports to reenter the United States at San Ysidro, on foot. (4) (5)

     Subsequently, a search warrant was served at the Scarber household in Squaw Valley, and evidence was gathered. No arrests were made at that time however, and now Kyle Scarber is rumored by news sources to be planning a trip into Mexico himself. (6)

     [SOAPBOX IS SO ON!] Does anyone besides myself think there is something extremely “hinky” about this whole thing? Even my nine-year-old daughter can put two and two together, so why can’t the powers-that-be? Investigators have determined that Kyle Scarber filed a false report, so why hasn’t he been charged? Why is Kyle Scarber still getting paid by the taxpayers of California for vacation time? Why is Kyle Scarber now being allowed to leave the country? They’ve figured out that the Scarbers helped Spencer avoid prosecution and flee the country, so why aren’t Gail and Kyle Scarber cooling their heels in the local lockup, for aiding and abetting a fugitive from justice? Speaking of justice, what about Spencer Scarber’s victim? When does she get to see justice done?

     Is it because Kyle Scarber is a CHP officer? Is it because of some inherent, unseen GOBN (“Good Ol’ Boys Network”) existing between the CHP, the Fresno County DA’s office and the sheriff’s? Or, is this just part of something bigger? (I’ve also been thinking about all of the drug cartel activity across the border, and can’t help but think there may be a connection to this mess.) Whatever is going on, it appears on the surface at least, that justice has taken the holiday season off, and that the prosecutors in Fresno have lost their ever-loving minds.

UPDATE – February 16th, 2013: The slowly rotating wheels of justice have finally run over the Scarbers. Spencer Scarber was arrested in the Acapulco area in Mexico, and has been extradited back to California to receive his due punishment! In addition, Spencer’s sister Crystal, and parents Kyle and Gail Scarber have also been arrested by Fresno County sheriff’s deputies, for the aforementioned aiding and abetting. Finally, Spencer Scarber’s victim will have justice. (7) (8)

UPDATE – February 18th, 2013: This will be the final edit on this article, and I’ll leave you all in the capable hands of ABC Channel 30 Action News for further updates. Kyle Scarber made bail as of yesterday, and is walking free for now. (9)


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