Faith and Religion: Do All Pets Go To Heaven?

I drank WHAT?

I drank WHAT?

     When I was wrapping up the previous article on “Faith Beyond Reason”, I had no idea that I would be following it so closely with another one. In the intervening hours between dotting the final “i” and posting however, something happened in Casa de Morgan that I feel compelled to reflect upon here. You see, my younger son’s beloved cat Thomas left us for cleaner litter boxes and endless fields of catnip.

     Time seems to stand still when things like this happen. What seemed like an eternity, actually took place within the span of about five minutes. One minute Thomas Shroedinger Morgan was with his boy and purring, five minutes later…he was gone. In the hours that followed, I found myself reflecting on that same question that a myriad of other pet owners have probably reflected on as well; do our pets go to heaven when they die? The part of any living being that passes on into any possible afterlife must be a “spirit” or other higher state of consciousness, right? So, do our pets have spirits or souls?

     I have read and heard about many instances of pets, especially dogs and cats, intervening when their owners are in danger, are sick or are in moods that are out of the ordinary. Dogs that alert their owners to perilous situations, cats that “just seem to know” when something is not quite right. Is this an indication of some higher, as yet unexplained quality in our pets, possibly even a soul? I honestly couldn’t say. Although there is quite a lot that we know about the animal kingdom, there’s also quite a bit that we don’t.

     Do I believe that our pets go to heaven? I’d like to think so. I’d like to believe that there is a special place where the love they share with us, and the love that we give to them lives on. Thomas was part of our household’s love and lives for five years, and those five years were special ones. He was a stray when we took him in, emaciated and previously injured. By the second month in, he was gaining weight and beginning to acclimate. Even my son’s dog developed a love / irritant relationship with Thomas over time.

     Thomas was the type of cat that attached himself to everyone in the household on a one-to-one basis, and in turn, everyone in the household became very attached to him. Even our young daughter’s excessive “hands-on” affections were graciously absorbed by this singularly special feline.

     It has been my experience that, when an animal knows it is about to die, it will seek a place of solitude in which to do so. Thomas however, did not behave in this way. When it came time to leave us, he sought out the one person he loved most in our household; his boy. He passed from this life and ours, in the arms of his boy.

     Do the animals we give our love to in this life and theirs, go on to heaven? I hope so.

~ For Jason, and for Thomas. I love you both. ~


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