The Chaser: Vivent Les Femmes!

A battle won, a war still being fought...

A battle won, a war still being fought…

     As the fallout from last month’s VAWA vote continues to coat the newsfeeds with a dusting of politically partisan pollen, (yes my fine young readers, three times, really fast!) I thought it only prudent to do a quick “round-up” of the more salient information (bullet points) with regards to the bill. So…allons-y!

The Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013

S. 47 Text – Adobe PDF


Fast Facts: Senate

Senate vote #19, of the 113th Congress, held on February 12th, 2013.

  • 78 senators voted “yea”.
  • 22 senators voted “nay”.
  • Of the 78 that voted “yea”, 53 were Democrats, 23 were Republicans and 2 were Independents.
  • ALL 22 that voted “nay” were Republicans.
  • Result: Bill passed in the Senate. Submitted to the House of Representatives for vote. (1)

Fast Facts: House of Representatives

Roll call #55, on the question of Passage of Senate Bill S. 47, held on February 28th, 2013.

  • 286 representatives voted “yea”.
  • 138 representatives voted “noe”.
  • Of the 286 “yeas”, 199 were Democrats, 87 were Republicans. (No independents.)
  • All 138 that voted “noe” were Republicans.
  • Of the 138 that voted “noe”, 10 were women.
  • Result: Bill passed in the House of Representatives. Submitted to the President of The United States for signature. (2)

The bill was signed into law by president Barack Obama on March 7th, 2013. (3)

Microsoft Excel Workbook: VAWA Vote – Statistical Breakdown

     Analysis of the above statistics would seem to suggest that Tea Party influence and / or alignment had little bearing on the passage of the bill in the House, but a larger impact on individual votes by Republicans aligned or identified with that particular group. As the graphs below illustrate, the majority of TP aligned representatives did indeed vote “noe” on the bill:


     Although it could be (and has been!) suggested that the Tea Party vote on this particular bill shows a bias against both women’s issues and minority issues, I would caution the reader to do their research before making this assertion. The assertion may indeed be borne out by the statistics…or may be disproven. The idea here is to get informed, to be informed!


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