The Chaser: The Facism of Racism…Tweet Tweet

Miss America 2013, Nina Davuluri, and AGT winner Kenichi Ebina.

Miss America 2013, Nina Davuluri, and AGT winner Kenichi Ebina.

     Now, some of you might be saying, “Huh, now that’s a weird title for an article! Is J. Pat losing a few marbles?” No, my fine young readers, I assure you that all is as well as it usually is in the mental “Casa de Morgan.” In fact, what I’m about to rip into here at The Cybersattva, bears a scary correlation to the mentality behind Fascism, and was smeared all over the Twitter-sphere on the 18th of this month.

     This has to do with the recent winner of a show called, “America’s Got Talent.” Earlier this month, a contestant (dancer) named Kenichi Ebina beat out every other contestant to earn the highest accolade of the program. From what I understand, he emigrated to our fine shores from his native Japan a while back. I don’t personally watch the show, but from what You Tube and other online footage that I’ve seen, this guy does have talent! This event, coupled with the crowning of our first Miss America of Indian descent (Nina Davuluri) a few days prior to that, has unfortunately resulted in the exposure of a cancer that is eating away at the fabric of this nation and its people; xenophobic racism. (Yes, I know. Please excuse the apparent redundancy of that descriptor.)

     Make no mistake beloved, there are some extremely hate-filled people in the world. Here, for all of the world to see, are the Twitter postings (complete and utter dreck!) of just a few of them:



     What’s truly ironic, is that I just finished watching a documentary on the “Human Family Tree” on NatGeo, which explained how the different mtDNA haplogroups can be traced back to “Mitochondrial Eve.” In other words people, we’re all related! We’re all part of the human race, regardless of how our group and individual traits have changed over the millennia. Even more ironic, is the strong possibility that the above posters could belong to some of the same, if not closely related, mtDNA haplogroups as Nina and Kenichi!

     Oh, but these few. These people, comporting themselves as nipple-headed, xenophobic cesspots. I’ve decided that something needs to be done to address the issue when and where it resides, and this is my small part of that. The following is a list of the above users, and their Twitter accounts. I would encourage each one of you to drop these people a line or two, and let ’em know the following; we stand together, and will not be tolerant of the hate-mongering and racist rhetoric being spread like so much rotten jelly on our societal “bread.” Do it lovingly, but sternly, my fine young readers!

     Racism, you’ve just been outted by The Cybersattva! Remember people, shame the deed but love the person.

“But there’s one lesson that stands out from all the others; it’s a lesson about relationships. You, and I, in fact everyone all over the world, we’re all literally African under the skin. Brothers and sisters, separated by a mere two-thousand generations. Old-fashioned concepts of race are not only socially divisive, but scientifically wrong. It’s only when we’ve fully taken this on board, that we can say with any conviction that the journey our ancestors launched all those years ago…is complete.”

Dr. Spencer Wells, Geneticist

From the program, “Journey of Man”


One comment on “The Chaser: The Facism of Racism…Tweet Tweet

  1. Oh! A word of warning; if you DO resolve to message a few of these people with your thoughts, be prepared for derision, snide replies and an overall lack of any sense of responsibility on the part of some of them. It (unfortunately) comes with the territory.

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