An Open Letter From A Veteran, To His Country: Don’t Thank Me For My Service

army_veteran_eagleAs a six-year veteran of the U.S. military, I don’t necessarily need to be thanked for my service. I have on occasion, received the platitudinal thanks from those who would then go on with their lives, not honestly thankful or thoughtful for anything that has ever been done to secure their way of life, and it saddens me.

If anyone feels the need to express their thankfulness for my service, and the service of those like me, then please;

  • Give a blanket to someone who is cold.
  • Buy a meal for someone who hungers.
  • Give water to someone who thirsts.
  • Give a coat to someone without one.
  • Shoe the shoeless.
  • Help to house the homeless.
  • Be generous with your time.

If you can thank me for my service, but cannot bring yourself to do these simple things, then how can you be truly thankful in your heart? If, on the other hand, you can and have done at least a few of these things, a simple thanks would be welcome.

Don’t thank me for my service,

if you can’t help those in need…

Don’t thank me for my sacrifice,

if you can’t outgrow your greed.

How can you truly be grateful,

when you’ve failed to understand…

What it means to truly sacrifice,

and lend a helping hand?


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