The Chaser: Edible America – Did You Order a Side of Ridicule With Your Panera Baguette?

Judgmental_bread_300pxw     Wow. I really need to start paying a lot more attention to Buzzfeed! Today, I stumbled across an article on the site, entitled “31 Ways To Be The Worst Person At Panera Bread.” The article relies largely on screen captures of various tweets from the Twitter page, “PaneraProblems.” As I scrolled down through the Twitter postings, one thing stood out from everything else; the people posting these tweets are some pretty judgmental arse hats! The majority of the posts appear to be from people who are employed by the restaurant chain, which is based in the Sunset Hills suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. While some of them do express frustration at seemingly inane requests and behaviors, the larger part come off as nothing short of persnickety, stuck up and judgmental. Here is a choice selection of these “Panera Posts” (No, I will not be masking anything, since the posts have already been made public.):

The Pronunciation Police

The Pronunciation Police



No friend of Foster's...

No friend of Foster’s…

Another PP Officer...

Another PP Officer…

     The page admin at Panera Problems is even joining in the fun;



     I’d love to know exactly what the folks at Panera’s corporate HQ think of all of this negative publicity. As for me, if I ever have want of being judged for what I order, how I pronounce it or when I order it, I’ll try placing an order at a church. Otherwise, Panera Bread won’t be receiving one penny of my money…well, I might be inclined to toss a few pennies into the parking lot as I drive past, while uttering the following in Latin, with perfect pronunciation: Potes meos suaviari clunes.

[POST-SCRIPT:] If Panera Bread corporate is at all serious about respect for their customer base, they’ll climb all over this. If that happens, I might be inclined to try Panera once their shop opens locally.


2 comments on “The Chaser: Edible America – Did You Order a Side of Ridicule With Your Panera Baguette?

  1. Mark Caesar says:

    C’mon dude, it’s a little harsh to judge a whole chain by the comments of a few. Do you think management would be tolerant or appreciative of those comments if they knew about them? I think the problem might be better served by doing something to actually fix it, let’s say printing out some of, or all of, the comments and forwarding them to management in the hope that the problem might be addressed and resolved.

    From the alternative POV, I agree that the staff, which are the public presentation of the company, should be courteous and kind towards the public and if they are not I am less inclined to shop there.

    Frankly I have no idea on how to pronounce Ciabatta or Asiago so I would be making a best guess. I wouldn’t like to be treated any differently because of that and if I were I would take it up with management. There are plenty of people looking for work who would be willing to do the job in a courteous manner.

    • I don’t know. Personally, I think Panera should have already been on top of this, especially since the Twitter Page is making use of their trademark graphic to identify themselves. Aside from that, I’m not in love with the idea that, just because someone can’t pronounce the name of a particular bread, they’re being ridiculed publicly.

      Rumor has it that Panera will be opening a location here in Merced soon. As the BuzzFeed piece is my first impression of how they conduct business, even before they open locally, I find myself loathe to even try Panera. I’d LOVE to see corporate climb all over this, and give it the attention that it needs. If that happens, then maybe…

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