Life and Living: All That Glitters…Is Perhaps NOT All That Exists!

brane_world     Ghosts, the soul, paranormal phenomena, such as precognition and auras. Photons, electrons and neutrinos. How could they be related?

     In the course of discussing things like religion and faith versus proof and evidence, I started thinking about existence. What is it? How do we observe and measure it? What are some of the weird, unexplainable phenomena that have been borne out of those observations and measurements? Then, my fine young readers, I started connecting the dots between these questions, and the fledgeling field of “String / M Theory.” It was when I did this, that I came to the realisation that we may exist and interact as part of a universe that is far more amazing, filled with much more “awesome-sauce” than we ever imagined!

     For ages now, we as a species have been attempting to explain our world, and the things that we can observe. We’ve looked into the night sky with ever more accurate devices, in an attempt to decipher the secrets of the very large. Conversely, we’ve dug deeper and deeper into the very small, with ever more powerful devices, in our attempts to unlock the mysteries of what we’re made of…and our efforts have yielded some very strange, counter-intuitive results!

     Take for instance, the “Double Slit Experiment.” In this apparatus, a beam of photons (light) is generated from a coherent light source, passed through two narrow slits, then projected onto a screen. Now, based on what we see in the everyday world, we would assume that what we would see on the screen would be two vertical shafts of light…and we’d be wrong. What we in fact have observed, time and time again, is what is known as an “interference pattern.” or multiple shafts of light! This would seem to indicate not only that these photons are behaving like waves instead of particles, but also that each photon is capable of going through both slits at the same time! (My fine young readers, you can call bullshit on this if you wish, but it’s true! This experiment has been performed several times, in several ways…each time with the same results!) The same experiment can be done with a single slit apparatus, capable of being narrowed manually. As the slit is narrowed, the light beam, instead of narrowing and being eventually cut off, actually spreads out horizontally! Ah, but this is not the only instance of “quantum weirdness” that has been seen.

     In other experiments, we’ve observed such things as neutrinos passing through solid matter, and electrons (and other point particles) that seem to pop in and out of existence. BUT! Are they actually doing so, or are they in fact just passing in and out of our three observable dimensions, from and to other “planes of existence”? This idea might sound pretty “Ghost Hunter-ish” at first blush, but there are in fact, mathematical equations and scientific theorems that back this up. String Theory, and its offspring “M” Theory, postulate the existence of no less than seven other spatial dimensions in addition to our own. If the equations of string theory are an accurate description of our universe, then the behavior of things like electrons and neutrinos becomes like text on a page, coming into focus once we put a pair of glasses on. (See where I’m going with that? Foster Grants…for quantum mechanics!)

     That’s not all, though! Once we begin to consider that the world we live in is far bigger, and contains far more dimensions than what we experience with our five senses, then things like paranormal phenomena might also be explainable, scientifically! Everything from auras, spirits and other things that we have wondered over, scientifically measurable and known.


“Exactly. For that one fraction of a second, you were open to options you had never considered. *That* is the exploration that awaits you. Not mapping stars and studying nebulae, but charting the unknown possibilities…of existence.”
(“Q”, Star Trek TNG, episode “All Good Things.”)


One comment on “Life and Living: All That Glitters…Is Perhaps NOT All That Exists!

  1. Mark Caesar says:

    Did you ever construct the double slit experiment as we discussed ages ago? It’s still in my mind and I’ll get around to it one day.

    I think the biggest detractor from experimentation, yet the biggest safeguard from fraud, is the fact that we need to see things for ourselves to know they’re true. If we accept things on faith with no evidence to support them we are open to being used and usurped.

    Some things, in science for instance, we read about and believe yet we have not done the experiment ourselves. Is it possible we are being misled? Of course. But then you must look at the weight of evidence. Has the experiment been performed multiple times by multiple sources with the same or similar results? If the answer is yes then more credibility is put on the theory.

    The experiments in science can be duplicated and slightly modified and depending upon the results the theory is validated, or not. Please note, I am using the term theory even though something may be universally believed and fulfilled because there will always something more to learn about anything.

    When it comes to things like supernatural powers and experiences it becomes hard to evaluate and measure results as these results are in a personal form. Frankly I’d love for supernatural powers to exist but at the same time I’d feel a little inadequate since I can’t say I possess any supernatural powers.

    I cannot profess to know much at all about string theory, I don’t think even the scientists can, yet. Professor Lawrence M. Krauss has a theory that there are pairs of particles, a matter particle and an equal and opposite anti-matter particle, blinking into and then out of existence in a nothingth of a second, all the time and everywhere. Or maybe they are travelling between dimensions. This theory explains a lot in that it gives empty space an energy amount which would push everything faster and faster apart, which is happening.

    These are fledgling theories that may well be true or may be wrong. Will we exist long enough to find out? Who knows? I’m trying to enjoy the ride while I’m here.

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