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 About The Cybersattva:


(“Enlightenment-being”), the name given to anyone who, motivated by great compassion, has generated bodhicitta, which is a spontaneous wish to attain Buddhahood for the benefit of all living beings. One who seeks the highest level of enlightenment and knowledge.


(From Greek [kybernetes] meaning “steersman”, “governor”, “pilot”, or “rudder”), the global domain of electromagnetics as accessed and exploited through electronic technology and the modulation of electromagnetic energy to achieve a wide range of communication and control system capabilities.


me in 2006_small    J. Patrick Morgan is a 44-year-old IT Technician, former U.S. Army Specialist, blogger, sometime vblogger and father of three from Central California. While far from being a learned scholar in areas such as Theology, Sociology or Political Science, his purpose behind writing these articles is to generate healthy and open debate on the issues of the day among both layperson and scholar, as well as to expand his own understanding of the topics discussed; issues that impact and make up the “human condition.”

     During his six years serving in the Army, Mr. Morgan had the opportunity to travel across much of the United States, and overseas to Germany, the Republic of Korea and Japan, gaining a greater appreciation of differing cultures, faiths and peoples in the process.

     J. Patrick Morgan chose the nom de plume “The Cybersattva” due to his desire to seek continuing levels of enlightenment and knowledge via the use of new media. In January of 2013, the tagline which read, “Various musings of a cyberseeker” was updated to reflect the desire for increased intellectual growth and realisation. “Epiphany…expressed” speaks for itself!

“You and I, can change the world…the more we live, the more we learn, the more we know.”



Contacting The Cybersattva:

     I’ve made contacting me a bit easier now. (It stands to reason that, if you’re doing something for me by reading my blog, I ought to do a little reciprocating, and do something for you, my fine young readers!)

     In the interests of maintaining some level of anonymity, I don’t require your full name or e-mail address, unless you really want me to know that info. Likewise, no phone numbers (unless you want me to call!) or other definitives, just the basics. In addition, private comments and feedback that you submit to me in the form below will not be made public, unless it violates any laws or statutes. Otherwise, please feel free to use the form below to drop me a line or two!



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