Between The Lines in 2011:

      September 15th: I’m currently working on a set of blog entries regarding Taser use in Law Enforcement. Right now, I’m gathering technical and procedural data from my local PD and SO, and hopefully can also get the same from the CHP. Unlike some of my recent blog entries where I’ve taken a position on one side or another, I want to try returning to a more “centrist” or neutral position, and let the reader formulate their own opinions…

      September 15th: Just updated the “What Parents Really Want….” article, some new developments in the ed world in WA and CA…

      September 18th: Still waiting for PD and the SO to get me that Taser data, so the article(s) are on hold. I really want to give the readers every angle on this, but anticipation (remember the Heinz ketchup commercial?) is a real pain in the gleuts! In the meantime, I posted about Pat Robertson. The guy is a sanctimonious moron…

      September 20th: STILL waiting on the Taser data. Time to call these agencies and see what’s what. Also, working on an article about Italy putting science on trial for failing to predict an earthquake…

      September 23rd: FINALLY got a reply on the procedural Taser stuff from LT Tom Trindad of the Merced Police Department. (A very big “Thank You!” to Tom and the PD for the transparency and willingness to work with the public!) Now all I need is for the SOand Taser Int’l to get back to me. In the meantime, two more pieces under the belt and on the wall! One domestic, and one international. One pulls to the left, the other yanks the stick back toward the right (politically, that is!) Gotta keep you all guessing! UPDATE: Also received Taser technical data from Steve Tuttle, VP of Communications for Taser International! Lots of informative stuff here that I’ll be posting in the tech article on the blog. (Thanks, Steve!!)

      September 24th: Please bear with me, as I am re-structuring the entire category system of the blog. Up until just now, I had over 30 articles, assigned to over 20 of what had become “scatter-gories!” So, I took the opportunity to get away for a while, go down to my parents’ house and sit and think. What I came up with is a much more organized heirarchial list, which can grow more efficiently as time and articles accumulate. (Typical me, being anally-retentive about organization!)

      September 29th: Got a few more blog entries up, mostly entertainment flap and fluff, along with a few more politically oriented pieces. While that’s going on, behind the scenes I’m reviewing all this Taser technical and procedural data that I got last Friday. (I’ve had an annoying head cold for the past few days, so processing this stuff is a bit more challenging than normal!) I also updated a few of the older articles, adding photos to the layout. (Luckily, hindsight has benefits here on the internet!)

      October 14th: I know it’s been about five days since my last entry, I’ve had a lot going on in the IRL-side of life, so blogging has been put on the back burner for a little bit. Don’t worry though! I’m reviewing the news of the week, and should have something new up in the next 24 to 48 hours!

      October 18th: Took me almost 4 whole hours to write this last article on Susan Sarandon and her comments about the Pope. That’s unheard of for me, usually I can bang out a piece in about a half-hour or so. Since this one was pretty detailed and has its roots in news over the past decade, I had to do some extra work as far as references go, along with graphics editing. All in all, I think it’s a piece I can be proud of.

      November 9th: The story behind the “Gay Agenda” – During the past few weeks posting in Facebook, there has been mention among the Neo-conservatives and Fundamentalists (“Dominionists”) of the so-called “Gay Agenda.” According to them, it’s something that should be feared and held highly suspect. In one post, a friend of mine asked the question, “What is this “Gay Agenda” I keep hearing about? Where can I get one?” Well, that’s when I came up with the idea (as a goof) of a pink day planner (otherwise known to some as an “agenda”) with a rainbow symbol on the cover. Inside of this nice theoretical “agenda” can be tucked all of the articles that I have written in support of LGBT rights and Marriage Equality. Hence, the “Gay Agenda Series” was conceived!

      December 5th: Commonalities – Well my fine, young readers! Another year is drawing to a close, and as we gear up for Santa, Christmas trees and the “Season of Giving,” let’s take a few relaxing moments to breathe, and reflect on some of the finer points of blogging!

     As you may have noticed, there are a few maxims and threads that I like to use and re-use throughout my weblog. Take for instance, the “pick your “P”” sayings. Way back when, someone started this out by telling patrons of the local “watering hole” to “pick your poison.” Since it rolls quite nicely off of the tongue, I decided to expand on it. “Pick your perjorative,” “Pick your pet name,” and “Pick your passion” sound (to me at least!) equally as eloquent. So, the literary habit was “assigned some electrons” and given life!

(1)In the beginning, the writer created the weblog and the page. (2)The page was empty, a formless mass cloaked in blankness. And the hands of the writer were hovering over the mouse and the keyboard. (3)Then the writer said, “Let there be enlightenment!” and there was a vast amount of feverish typing. (4)And the writer saw that it was good.


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