Between The Lines in 2013:

      January 11th: Okay, folks! I’m devoting a bit more time to the blog than I have been in recent months, and am even doing a bit more “foot work” research. Currently, I’m gathering material and input for this “Bibliolatry” article that I’ve been promising, and hopefully I should have something banged out by no later than next Wednesday. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

     January 31st: Well, “next Wednesday” has decidedly come and gone, and still I’m compiling (and agonising over) the article on Bibliolatry. It’s not an easy runner to tackle, as it depends greatly on points of view. So, ever onward! In the meantime, I’ve published a few pieces on the hot topic of gun control, as well as one on young-Earth creationism. (Which, as I intimated in the piece, should have already met its demise!)

     Which brings me to Monday. This coming Monday will be the 4th of February. This is a notable day for me, as one of my most favorite and loved singers died on that day, exactly 30 years ago. I have already put the finishing touches on an article about this, I’ve dotted all of the “T”s and crossed the “i”s, and vice-versa. The article is my humble tribute to this amazing woman, and I hope you all gain something from the reading…

      February 12th: Breathing a long sigh of relief, I am pleased as punch to report that the article on Bibliolatry, which ended up being two articles in fact, has finally been pressed. Each article had a lot of thought that went into it, and that shows in the over-1,000 word length of each. As a matter of fact, most of my articles of late have exceeded the 1k-word envelope, and I’m not quite sure if that’s a good thing. Does it mean that I’m becoming way too wordy? I dunno…

Another high-profile piece of news happened this week, one which I might touch on briefly. Pope Benedict is resigning…history in the making!

     February 18th: It’s 03:18 (zero-dark-thirty), and I just wrapped up an article on the death of Mindy McCready. Suicide is always one of those sensitive topics, one that a lot of writers try their level best to tiptoe around. Not me, I just had to dive in with both feet, especially if I was going to do a completely open, honest and heartfelt piece on the matter. I posted with a quick “res ipsa loquitur” on Facebook, which means “the thing speaks for itself”, which I feel that it does.

     I’m still considering just what I’m inclined to write about the brief, yet tumultuous Benedict XVI papacy. One thing’s for sure; he was no John Paul II!

     February 20th: Well, I think I’ve gone and really “done it” this time, but what could I do, especially when I’m such a big stickler for freedoms? After posting my article on Faizan Syed’s proposals on Sharia in the U.S., my daily readership number has taken a drastic downturn. So, I would like to apologise to anyone that I might have offended who has read the piece. (Aside from Syed himself, because there’s a point to be made there!) I have a few friends who worry that I might now be a “target” because of what I posted there, but I can’t worry about that. What I posted was for the greater good, and the sustained freedoms of my fellow citizens.

     Upon further review, I have made the equitable decision to tone down my direct response to Mr. Syed. I need to be taking the moral high road on this, and resorting to basal language and all manner of crassness is doing neither this weblog nor myself, any credit. Mea culpas.

     February 24th: It is finished. My piece on the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI has gone to press and is “in the books”. I wanted to take some time to think about what I wanted the article to say and to be, so I apologise for the lack of timeliness on getting it out there. I know that in the past, I’ve been pretty critical of the pope and Catholicism on the whole, but I wanted this piece to be more about the historical aspects of what’s currently going on. I think (at least I hope!) that I’ve accomplished that with “Veni Vidi…Vale”.

     Wow, someone provided me with material for yet another article, that makes two for Sunday! Nice, now I can take a break and cue up some music! (Oh, and I had to FIX the contact form, but it works now! Huzzah!)

     March 6th: I’ve managed to get some thoughts down on the topic of Gun Control, and I’m hoping they make a positive impact. In the process of working on that, I also added a semi-related, curious little tidbit to the blog header! (Anyone who has read Stephen King will get it, everyone else will probably end up googling it. Fornit some Fornus!)

     October 28th: I am in deep kim che! Apparently, I have crossed paths with the wrong startup publication on the interwebz! The founder, who was up until early this morning a friend, has taken enough umbrage to reply with a well-aimed and fired round of vitriol, a personally-directed round of invectives, including words like “stupid,” “narcissistic” and “fake.” Wow! I had no idea that my humble little jots and tittles here in this minute corner of cyberspace, could garner such an incendiary response!

     I have yet to decide whether to make the exact contents of this person’s personal attack on me public, and / or if there’s really anything to be gained from doing so, other than allowing the “laundry out for some air.” Think, think…

     November 6th: Well, that happened! For those who were surprised or put off by my response piece, all I can say is that I’m sorry I had to resort to such an open, “taking to task” approach. Like I stated in the piece, I don’t necessarily like using this venue for that, but since it involved an article that I penned, it was only fitting that the story end in the same place that it started. Id est quod id est, et id sugo…but it’s a done deal.

     Currently, I’m awaiting reply from a photographer back east, with a poignant story that needs to be relayed. It’s a story that many women (and men!) can relate to to some degree, I suspect. It’s the story of Jennifer Merendino, and her battle with breast cancer…


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